Gåte var ett rockband från Trøndelag i Norge. Deras musikstil benämns ofta progressiv folkrock, en blandning av folkmusik och rock, metal och electronica. Bandet var verksamt från slutet av 1990-talet till den 6 september 2005 då bandet annonserade att de skulle ta en paus från spelandet.

Bandmedlemmar [redigera]
Gunnhild Sundli, sång
Sveinung Sundli, fiol, keyboard
Gjermund Landrø, sång, bas
Magnus Robot Børmark, gitarr, synthgitarr, synth
Kennet Kapstad, trummor 2004-
Martin Langlie, trummor fram till 2004

Gåte EP (2000) (Gammel)
Gåte EP (2002) (Grusomme skjebne)
Jygri (2002)
Statt opp (Maggeduliadei) (EP) (2003)
Sjå attende (singel) (2004)
Iselilja (2004)
Liva (live) (2006)
Liva DVD (live DVD) (2006)


Gåte (Norwegian for riddle) is a band from Trøndelag, Norway playing Norwegian folk music bred with metal, electronica, sometimes called progressive folk-rock.

While some songs are original, many come from traditional Norwegian folk songs. Some songs are based on the poems of the Norwegian poet Astrid Krogh Halse. These include ”Følgje” (”Companion”) and ”Stengd Dør” (”Closed Door”). The music consists of guitars, violins, synthesizers/keyboards, drums, and the distinctive voice of Gunnhild Sundli.

On September 6, 2005, the band announced that they would ”take a break” to pursue other projects, mostly because of Gunnhild’s desire to do something else. This came as a surprise to many, as the band has been a success both in Norway and abroad, especially in Germany.


Gunnhild Sundli – vocals
Gunnhild Sundli born 1985 July 2 is the band’s lead vocalist and joined the band in 1999. She was born and grew up in Orkdal, and currently resides in Trondheim.

She began to sing when she was 9 years old, and has since been singing in both classical and jazz music. She has a degree in singing from Heimdal high school (”Heimdal videregående skole”).

Sveinung Sundli – fiddle, keyboards
Sveinung was born 1979 July 21, and is Gunnhild’s older brother. He began learning to play the fiddle at an early age, and studied music in high school. Sveinung first persuaded Gunnhild to start singing in front of an audience, and he was the one who put Gåte together. He was taught to play keyboards/synth by Thomas Henriksen. In Gåte he plays keyboards/synths, the acoustic fiddle and electric Zeta-fiddle. He has written some of the melodies in Gåte: a ”pols” called ”Storås” and ”Ola I”, and he has set to music some of Astrid Krogh Halse’s poems: ”Fredlysning”, ”Du som er ung” and ”Sjåaren”. He recently formed a band which has ”Råte”(meaning ”rot”) as its working title. In 2003 he got the idea for a big music festival in Norway, which became a reality in 2004 as Storåsfestivalen (The Storåsfestival).

Gjermund Landrø – vocals, bass
Gjermund was born 1980 February 9. His main role in Gåte’s music is as bassist, but he has also contributed backing vocals.

Magnus Robot Børmark – guitar, synth-guitar, synth
Magnus Robot Børmark born 1982 November 26. From Trondheim. Learned to play guitar and piano from his older brother. He has played in popular rock bands, such as Torch, before joining Gåte in December 2000. He plays a Fender Telecaster, Robotcaster and Les Robot, the last two being made by Frank Stavem.

Kenneth Kapstad – drums
Kenneth joined the band in 2004 as their drummer. He was born April 20, 1979 in Løkken but now lives in Trondheim. He was previously in several other bands including Dadafon, Cucumber and Soundtank.

He went on a music course at Orkdal, two years at Sund folk high school, one year at the conservatory in Agder, and nearly four years at the conservatory in Trondheim.

Kenneth Kapstad was recently announced as drummer for Motorpsycho on their summer tour of 2007.

Martin Langlie (drums, former member)

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