• 1st Entry

    13 jul 2010, 19:54 av RoxasTwilight

    Does anyone actually read this blogs?
    I don't know how to actually start this >.<

    Today I came across another experimental band, they look pretty new, just released their 1st album (1700 Brothers + Sisters Of Bedlam) . They're Fuente, and even though they are just starting, the future could be bright for them, a bit of polishing and they would blast on the experimental scene pretty soon.

    Also, I started listening to Tool, never thought I'd get into their music, but I'm enjoying it.Just like happened with Deftones, you never know what you are losing of the world of music until you listen to it, can't stop listening to White Pony and Diamond Eyes in my MP3 player...

    Ok, don't care if no one actually reads this, guess I'll keep it for myself