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Foxy Shazam


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  • ToucanBurglar

    "Okay, Gonzo grows a bit ..." Of course it does

    17 jul 06:10 Svara
  • ToucanBurglar

    Also, I think he looks really good blonde.

    15 jul 23:01 Svara
  • ToucanBurglar

    AMAZING show at Bunbury. Had a lot of fun They're were uh... Killin' It. Gonzo's great, but as soon as they played Bombs Away the crowd went WILD.

    15 jul 22:59 Svara
  • Ahn_Dromeda

    totally mind-blowing show in toronto tonight! they rocked my world! met eric after the show and had a lovely chat, then took a walk down the street with daisy!! gonzo translates live in the most amazing way, btw. :)

    25 jun 05:47 Svara
  • LegalPiracy

    Gonna see them in their own turf. Fuck yeah!!!

    5 jun 02:09 Svara
  • windcriesmolly

    Event review of the GONZO tour in Philly on 5/31, it was AWESOME! - http://joonbug.com/philadelphia/frequency/All-Access-Pass-Foxy-Shazam-Theater-of-the-Living-Arts-on-5-31/pdZQ5uZn1oO

    4 jun 21:59 Svara
  • DenUltimata

    Okay, Gonzo grows a bit ...

    25 maj 16:35 Svara
  • fazmuffin

    Gonzo really isn't good. I miss the Foxy Shazam energy. I feel like these songs would take away from their live shows also. I hope that this isn't the end of fun Foxy Shazam.

    22 maj 04:19 Svara
  • ShanD

    after listening the shit out of Gonzo, pretty sure it's my second favorite album of theirs behind Introducing. Stoked to see the whole thing live.

    4 maj 03:07 Svara
  • AledMCR

    A poem pathetic, more like a drunken... CRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

    1 maj 22:02 Svara
  • rachelhoes

    the daisy/loren switcheroo is totally gnar and makes me love gonzo more.

    24 apr 04:01 Svara
  • fitear1590

    Gonzo was really jarring, more so than any of their other albums I think, but it's definitely growing on me with each listen.

    20 apr 16:02 Svara
  • Khoth

    Gonzo is swesome. Nice to see that the guys are evolving, and each of their new album sounds.

    20 apr 10:50 Svara
  • roemilca111

    Gonzo is really bad to be honest. [2]

    20 apr 08:31 Svara
  • toothybread

    It took a few listens, but Gonzo quickly grew on me, and I keep going back for repeated listens!! It's not my favorite album if I'm comparing it to their others, but I def like it!! They manage to always make music I love, regardless of how different it sounds every time :D

    19 apr 13:27 Svara
  • windcriesmolly

    New interview on going independent, working with Steve Albini, and having very, VERY good looking fans... - http://joonbug.com/national/frequency/Interview-Foxy-Shazam/nyhcEDzpIkD

    15 apr 16:03 Svara
  • ImSimpleEthan

    Gonzo is really bad to be honest.

    8 apr 03:32 Svara
  • JackJameson

    Закрывать ко всем чертям и слушать первые два альбома

    6 apr 18:50 Svara
  • rolic1969

    Гонзо - самый худший альбом группы, с бедным звуком (что оправдано), но худшим вокальными данными Эрика, самая ожидаемая группа 21 века перевоплощается в группу растерявшую самое большую часть своего дарования. Я согласен мелодически группа развилась. Абстрактно и жанрово и подавно. Но где бляхамуха ебанный пофигизм и экспрессия?? Где? На концертах? На Урал они ни когда не приедут! Да и духовые останутся в этих ваших цинциннатях! Пацаны умножайте мелодику на агрессию и в с пианиной на абордаж!

    6 apr 08:03 Svara
  • AledMCR

    I think Gonzo is superb. I always expect something different each time from Foxy, but this one caught me off guard. It's definitely a record that demands several plays, which makes it all the more rewarding. After a good few listens I've really come to love each track - the album is consistently strong throughout. I think the band also deserve huge credit for recording it live in a single take - they sound fantastic.

    5 apr 22:58 Svara
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