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  • platybuS

    Reminds me of Morphine (the band, not the substance.) Mostly his vocals.

    december 2013
  • lconoclast

    greatbigmassive is a hipster

    mars 2012
  • Akatian

    I'll never get tired of this.

    november 2011
  • MrMushroom123

    really unusual, but doesnt feel so out of place of their actual sound.

    april 2011
  • greatbigmassive

    Something about blue sky?.. not sure really.. they don't repeat it enough for my taste.. maybe another 15 minutes of it and it might sink in.... jesus.

    maj 2010
  • dcat917

    The chorus does kinda remind me of JC Superstar, RayPlay

    mars 2010
  • pouncing_panda

    Would be dull if it were a minute longer - as it is, it's a welcome change of pace.

    februari 2010
  • PaniKattaKK

    SUBYTECH, because Fluke is not just a brainless generic house act....

    februari 2010
  • Nats1970


    oktober 2009
  • misho_cub

    amazing song!

    oktober 2009
  • RayPlay

    JC superstar?

    september 2009
  • MrMonochrome

    so calm

    september 2009
  • WiseOldDuck

    still...oh ya...love this track. Makes me happy inside and awesome outside.

    februari 2009
  • WiseOldDuck

    oh ya

    februari 2009
  • wordfortreasure

    It does sound a bit like Primal Scream. Similar energy at least. ...some blue sky and sunshine would be mighty welcomed right now!

    februari 2009

    its not house... why is it here...?

    januari 2009
  • bodystarx

    gospel power %)))

    december 2008
  • grittyshaker

    cool track

    oktober 2008
  • bonjourlemonde

    It's not what you'd expect from Fluke, but it's a catchy tune... in it's own way.

    september 2008
  • Korosuke

    It's not really in line with the rest of the album...

    augusti 2008
  • Marco_fp

    this is the best song of the fucking world

    juli 2008
  • Sunproof_Ike

    I like Fluke very much but this song is boring:(

    mars 2008
  • ream88

    cool tune =)

    september 2007