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  • itsmathbitch


    förra veckan
  • RAY7654321

    I love you Stephanie Lynn. A vision of beauty I saw in May 1976 brought me here, turned out there is a lot more than just beauty when it comes to Ms Nicks.

    17 dagar sedan
  • Laynarayna

    If AHS brought you here then you didn't know good music before this.

    maj 2014
  • woahannablue

    I was there when Stevie Nicks wrote it in her bathtub; you're all jokes.

    maj 2014
  • RoflPaul

    Someone incredibly special to me brought me here.

    maj 2014
  • Darkestimes

    Been one of my favorite songs for years, so they used it in AHS, what's the big deal if that's what brought in more listeners to this great track? People are ridiculous.

    april 2014
  • RaphaelLordDark

    Thanks American Horror Story. ♥

    mars 2014
  • alezzzix

    ahs brought me here, are you mad? [2] Honestly who the fuck cares where you heard it? Some people are so idiotic.

    februari 2014
  • weltonsuxx

    American Horror Story ♥

    februari 2014
  • Warrior_Bard

    I'm a witch *twirling*

    februari 2014
  • pocket-knife

    Thank you AHS Coven to share this.

    februari 2014
  • mormon_jesus

    ahs brought me here, are you mad?

    februari 2014
  • Igor_Luque

    februari 2014
  • Sobreira93

    Misty Day =(

    februari 2014
  • heylolito

    Coven ♥

    februari 2014
  • Ouroborosian

    The snobs who are pissed that more people know and love this song, Stevie, and Fleetwood Mac because of American Horror Story: Coven, should shut the fuck up. It was Stevie's idea to do this song in the last episode, so seriously, stop. Just be happy more people are listening to good music, however they found it.

    februari 2014
  • chrisuab

    I should have seen that coming.

    januari 2014
  • radioactivee_


    januari 2014
  • siodmy

    ugh they're here [2]

    januari 2014
  • otsiningopark


    januari 2014
  • ohnoshelby

    ugh they're here

    januari 2014
  • blurrrrrrrrr

    amei o live em AHS

    januari 2014
  • aegons

    best scene in ahs season finale <3

    januari 2014
  • perfectcrush


    januari 2014
  • JBryanMusic

    'Bout to get a nice boost lol

    januari 2014
  • JSnow_

    I have a feeling this will appear in the AHS: Coven finale or next episode with Stevie because in the last episode she made some sort of reference to being able to complete/perform the "Seven Wonders"

    januari 2014
  • MJRocker1987

    Her best vocal performance on Tango!

    december 2013
  • Barthrax666

    One of my childhood favorite songs

    december 2012
  • littlechuckiec

    Another classic Fleetwood Mac song!

    september 2012
  • TuneBlendR

    Just announced that they will tour again in 2013...

    september 2012
  • JuliaKay337

    I adore this song.

    augusti 2012
  • macnoetz

    Fleetwood Mac........ still G R E A T......

    juli 2012
  • caponerider1

    stevie nicks i beleave is one of those seven wonders! fleetwood mac is ledgendary!

    juni 2012
  • nice_face

    if they didnt make the macarena song this would be the macarena song.

    maj 2012
  • fariborz69


    april 2012
  • fariborz69

    LOVE IT::mmmmmmmm

    april 2012
  • steamboat58

    Nice, thanks Ingetraud

    april 2012
  • discmann

    Great song ;-)

    april 2012
  • rikrijean


    mars 2012
  • marcinradek

    Super Kawałek... i ten głos!

    januari 2012
  • Cloudspotter

    Fine tune. :)

    januari 2012
  • MelodicRocker68

    Powerful song from Stevie. The band is incredibly tight on this one, particularly Christine's keyboards.

    december 2011
  • algenon50

    great song, from a great cd !!!

    november 2011
  • NitaD1

    I think it's one of their best..

    oktober 2011
  • tonystuff

    underrated Fleetwood Mac Track.

    september 2011
  • jimtheknight

    love this,love stevie nicks voice,<3333333333333333333333333333333333333

    september 2011
  • andrewirving

    love love love :))

    september 2011
  • sirthorty

    this voice....this voice...just wow! put me back in the caravan of the 80s...what a great time - what a great music generation

    juli 2011
  • raffraffraff


    juni 2011
  • bicknor

    Hmmm the only one of the original Seven Wonders of the world that is left is the Great Pyramid, in Egypt. So, what can one do.............

    maj 2011