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  • different-class

    as much as I love The Idler Wheel, I think this is her magnum opus

    maj 2014
  • bcap11

    Kanye said he loved this album in an interview so I decided to check it out AND WOW IT'S SO GOOD I LOVE IT TOO

    februari 2014
  • Daniel_Green

    AMAZING album!

    juli 2013
  • tonnyaranha

    One of my favorite albuns ever. [2]

    december 2011
  • eletric_feel

    one of my favorites album ever!

    juni 2011
  • kidoriginal

    Give us a vinyl release please

    april 2011
  • godwand

    Even though I've had it since sophomore year of high school (I'm a junior in college now), I find new things to love with each listen. or new things to come back to. I can't imagine my life without this album.

    mars 2011
  • violetchild

    I bought this album in my Junior year of high school. I played this album religiously like crazy over the summer.

    mars 2011
  • kaw1216

    its rare to me when i love an artists 2nd album more than their 1st. and although {tidal} is a total masterpiece, i relate to this more and is much more versitile. i absolutely love this album and will be in my top 10 for life! "Fast as you can" "Paperbag" & "A Mistake" are the best tracks for sure. (also of course "Across the Universe" - beautiful, flawless cover)

    november 2010
  • igottrouble

    I could listen to it foverer

    september 2010
  • goddesspain

    i can't help myself, i'm addicted to this album, especially love ridden

    februari 2010
  • Marxism1

    her best..

    februari 2010
  • Pierrotclowns

    IT'S PERFECT!, I'm in love with this woman.

    februari 2010
  • kingfefifafofu

    its so great....please jah stay with us and let the humans be what there are really are...:) LOVE IS EVERY WHERE U MOST LOOK RIGHT! bro&sis have a nice and a beautiful life and hold on! THE KINGDOM IS COMING.

    december 2009
  • dodoriazarbon

    I use the whole album title on my iTunes. :D

    september 2009
  • pj_harvey

    when the pawn hits the conflicts he thinks like a king what he knows throws the blows when he goes to the fight and he'll win the whole thing 'fore he enters the ring there's no body to batter when your mind is your might so when you go solo, you hold your own hand and remember that depth is the greatest of heights and if you know where you stand, then you know where to land and if you fall it won't matter, 'cuz you'll know that you're right.

    augusti 2009
  • Anitnemelc

    oh i remember when i bought this cd i was not so happy i was a bit sceared...i used to listen to pop and rnb back then...:)now i appriciate it

    augusti 2009
  • chaserrrr

    Psst... Don't tell anyone, but I'm totally in love with you!!

    augusti 2009
  • theo_equis

    @vinnygecko : i agree that the last 3 tracks are especially marvelous, but for me the best are the first three

    augusti 2009
  • vinnygecko

    The last three tracks on this album are perfect. The whole album is great, but these three are her best recordings ever

    juni 2009
  • sphnxdot

    Perfect for break-ups... I love it

    maj 2009
  • JamieF6489

    I'm male obviously, but I can relate to a lot of songs on Fiona Apple's album "When The Pawn...." She's got a low enough voice for me to sing along to, and she really puts her all into her music. She's definitely one of my favorite female songwriter's that plays the piano, and songs.

    mars 2009
  • grrrsuperlauren

    across the universe and never is a promise are not from this album.

    januari 2009
  • godwand

    the album of my life.

    januari 2009
  • Meowgasmic

    As much as I love "Tidal" and "Extraordinary Machine", my favorite album has to be "When the Pawn". It's just so strong from start until finish, and I never feel the need to skip a track. It also helps that this is an ideal break-up album for me!

    december 2008
  • w_1_7

    One of my favorite albums! If I got to chose three albums to have with me forever on a deserted island, one of my choices would be this one.

    augusti 2008
  • IRONICtypo

    WThomasLilly, tracks 11 and 12 are actually bonus tracks on the Japanese Import. So there is a version of this album with those two tracks on there.

    augusti 2008
  • EmmyCool

    She's so amazing! My fave singer ever!

    juni 2008
  • damien_bg

    perfect...from the beggining to the end :))

    april 2008
  • rofflewafflez

    one of my favorite albums everrrr :)

    mars 2008
  • ajo2106

    Love it, love it, love it, love it!!!!!!!!!

    mars 2008
  • liquiddatura

    Never is a Promise is actually a live version on this disc for Japan, or for the import single of Fast As You Can, so hence the confusion.

    februari 2008
  • VeridisQuo

    This has to be one of the best albums in existence.

    januari 2008
  • gypsy_89

    good album

    november 2007
  • VirgiEugi

    a voice...like a street to go somewhere else..thanks...

    oktober 2007
  • Passioneer

    This album is so lyrically and musically on-point, it's insane. Seriously, perfection.

    september 2007
  • JamesJupiter

    This album is so good!

    juli 2007
  • WThomasLilly

    There are only 10 tracks on this album, the final 2 are wrong. Across the Universe was off the Pleasentville Movie soundtrack and Never is a Promise is off Fiona's first CD Tidal. This misinformation is probably due to these 2 songs being mislabled on users computers. Correct it if yours is wrong.

    juli 2007
  • luke_suspicious

    Her best album so far, followed by Tidal.

    februari 2007
  • vargas_girl

    her best album in my opinion. helped get me through those restless, angsty nights of my teenage years. Best tracks would have to be: Limp, Paperbag, On the Bound, A Mistake, and I'll Know.

    februari 2007
  • dodda

    nice album name ^^

    september 2006
  • LilTheater

    When the Pawn Hits the Conflicts He Thinks Like a King What He Knows Throws the Blows When He Goes to the Fight and He'll Win the Whole Thing 'Fore He Enters the Ring There's No Body to Batter When Your Mind is Your Might So When You Go Solo, You Hold Your Own Hand and Remember That Death is the Greatest of Heights and if You Know Where You Stand, Then You Know Where to Land and if You Fall

    maj 2006
  • LilTheater

    it Won't Matter, Cuz You'll Know That You're Right

    maj 2006
  • anderson-koala

    someone should write the full name of the album...

    maj 2006