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26 maj 2012 | från interscope.com/eminem

With a grassroots campaign many established artists would kill for, a mixtape that has acquired over 450,000 downloads in under a week and a unique complex lyrical ability, Smhspill must know that this is what creates hype and gets the deals artists work their lives for.

Perhaps it's the story about how difficult it is for him to record with a baby and without proper equipment or perhaps it is his fans can see his dedication to the music industry. Whatever it is, Smhspill has acquired a large following over the passed year. It began last July after Smhspill uploaded a few freestyle rap videos to Youtube.com that ended up becoming viral.

This year, with the release of his mixtape Smhspill has shown that if you have true talent, write about real issues, and are passionat about what you do, then you don't necessarily need top notch production, something he clearly lacks. It's easy to see how rushed tracks may be. It leaves us wondering what type of music an artist like Smhspill is capable of with the proper conditions. Only time can tell when Smhspill will start sifting through recording deals, if he isn't already.

Voice your opinion, view the music here: http://www.youtube.com/smhspill
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