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  • DaiTheFlu_

    that heavy part is awesome ! would be great if they made a full metal riff song

    april 2014
  • StephenR4968

    The breakdown.

    februari 2014
  • iamjackadee

    one their heaviest tunes for sure

    april 2013
  • NanneTolsma

    No converge, just awesome as well.

    januari 2013
  • pilgrimage145

    Converge anyone?

    december 2012

    Opinion time! This and U,U,D,D,L,R,L,R,A,B,Select,Start are the best songs on the album.

    november 2012
  • familyguy02011

    2:33 holy fuck

    november 2012
  • samqwe

    If you like this, check out Mr. Bungle

    november 2011
  • Bub_Clifton

    the breakdown is ridic [2]

    mars 2011
  • hoellehund

    mike patton is callin... chino as his best

    mars 2011
  • hockeymatt2727

    the breakdown is ridic

    februari 2011
  • Gregski1111

    definitely a little mike patton influence on this one...& yeah that final scream sounds like he just turned into some kind of infuriated man-beast ready to make a kill.

    december 2010
  • TheBlackRaven87

    unbelievably how Chino's voice is very aggressive first, and then suddenly melodic and emotional. one of the best vocalists ever.

    december 2010
  • PartySanCTG


    november 2010
  • jmedran


    oktober 2010
  • yourhero34

    Damn that riff is fucking heavy. Badass song.

    juli 2010
  • ningamer


    juli 2010
  • baspvn15

    I agree. Its one of their heaviest songs imo ^^ the scream at the end is so sick

    juni 2010
  • Kimberly-Jade

    Chino's screams are never annoying...

    februari 2010
  • Postal-Dude

    DECIIIIIDE, DECIIIIDE!!! :D FUCK YEAH! This Voice and the Part kicks Ass!

    februari 2010
  • Sarkoptesmilbe

    I seem to be the only one who thinks this song is the worst from the album... The screams are annoying, if anything.

    januari 2010
  • Macaron11


    november 2009
  • morningdisorder

    I love the sampled female vocals during the chorus.

    oktober 2009
  • corky64

    Great track....<3

    oktober 2009
  • OZ3105


    september 2009
  • Delirium-Cordia

    Definitely a Tool influence here.

    juli 2009
  • Kimberly-Jade

    sooo fucking good, hearing Chino scream is always such a good thing.

    maj 2009
  • Gianni28

    oh man.... this song just came on for the first time in months for me.... wow. it just crushes. can't wait for some new deftones.

    april 2009
  • Shaunography

    Everything's just fine. 3:47 - fucking brutal.

    april 2009

    favorite of saturday night wrist :D The rythm and screaming is just.. wow.

    februari 2009
  • inhumanPUMPKIN

    best track on saturday night wrist with cherry waves

    augusti 2008
  • GrannyGreen

    Eh, I didn't really care for the 2:42 part, either. Awesome song, nonetheless.

    juli 2008
  • tru_dude

    2:42 is pretty heavy shit!

    juli 2008
  • Shaunography

    A lot of this album has a Tool influence, I feel :)

    juni 2008
  • PorcupineTrees

    nope. the break at 2.42 was abysmal. really. the rest of the song dominates it with its power.

    maj 2008
  • Shaunography

    Chino rules

    mars 2008
  • Whitenred

    the drumz, omg awesome song

    februari 2008
  • m0rph3us

    Awesome... the bridge in this track is one of their finest hours...

    februari 2008
  • CovinS

    Saturday Night Wrist. :D

    november 2007
  • maplejet

    What the fuck is this? I hear the first few minutes and thing it's some melodic death metal and then all of a sudden it changes. Which album is this on?

    november 2007
  • battle-

    fuck this nu metal tag.. what's wrong with u people?

    oktober 2007
  • crooxy01

    2:42 omfg

    augusti 2007
  • GrannyGreen

    it's without spaces. Rats!Rats!Rats! according to their website.

    augusti 2007
  • ubaz2

    Is it Rats!Rats!Rats! or Rats! Rats! Rats!? I have the album, and when I copied it onto my comp, it listed it as Rats! Rats! Rats!

    augusti 2007
  • Estebamm

    I love this fuckin' song!!

    december 2006
  • Grin_80sC

    Heavy As Fuck :-)

    december 2006
  • Shaunography

    Not a fucking thing.

    november 2006