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  • theironictea

    Probably one of his greatest songs. Amazing stuff.

    17 dagar sedan
  • rhondabowlin

    One of the best, and he has plenty of 'bests' <3

    april 2014
  • aag147

    Might just be my favourite tune of Bowie. Fantastic voice and great guitarsolo.

    april 2014
  • Actually_GIOS

    i have so manY DREAMS! I HAVE SO MANY... GRAPEFRUITS *I cry everytime*

    februari 2014
  • Kjetsaa

    De mis favoritas.

    december 2013
  • somespaceoddity

    I'm in love with his voice.

    december 2013
  • gokunirvana

    Beautiful piano, and great voice too.

    oktober 2013
  • EscObAR_1_2_3

    Sucks how Micky Ronson never got any credit, as if Bowie could play guitar this well

    augusti 2013
  • Joana37

    Definitely a top 5 Bowie track!

    maj 2013
  • davidbowiegirl

    Great song <3 Happy birthday David!

    januari 2013
  • paroxysm8bit

    ronno's guitar owns this song. he turns it into a fuckin horse - not many players can do that.

    juli 2012
  • The_last_Ramone

    Time are not evicting time *evil laugh* (on Glass Spider)

    juni 2012
  • FloreDimartino

    Probably a top 5 Bowie track[2]

    april 2012
  • deadybyebaby

    Sweet Jesus!! This is just a great reminder of why Bowie is a Godhead. Not that any sane person need be reminded.

    april 2012
  • noideaasusualxD

    I love the song, the album, the man and btw guys bowie would snort at your hey jude/time comparision. Honestly what's the point. Can't you just enjoy both or one or neither. Bashing the beatles doesn't make you unique or cool, sheesh.

    mars 2012
  • Nakkinak

    sure is Kurt Weill in here

    mars 2012
  • Nakkinak

    fuck this is awesome

    mars 2012
  • deadybyebaby

    This song along with My Death and 5 years are in the same vain of excellency to me. Simple and powerful. Oh Bowie, has ever a man changed so many lives for the better...

    januari 2012
  • jo8196

    Love has left you dreamless. The door to dreams was closed.

    januari 2012
  • r_m

    Fantastic song... rest in peace, Billy Murcia

    november 2011
  • AFXisgreat

    Lady Grinning Time!

    september 2011
  • max444

    Probably a top 10 Bowie track...

    augusti 2011
  • Rageaholic_A

    Probably a top 5 Bowie track.

    april 2011
  • zyhappiness

    great song that is my favorite !

    mars 2011
  • bigbadapplejax

    Bowie classic

    februari 2011
  • subwersja

    @Daveemincle the "vocal riff".

    januari 2011
  • Metalion_SOS

    We should be on by now...

    november 2010
  • Daveemincle

    @bowie_fan87: What does Time have to do with Hey Jude, anyway?

    november 2010
  • CompleteLunacy

    you just SCREEEEEAM with boredom.

    oktober 2010
  • Hellraiser917

    One of the best songs ever..!

    oktober 2010
  • bowie_fan87

    Better song than "Hey Jude."

    oktober 2010
  • clowezra

    fuck this is amazing

    september 2010
  • biodork30

    Better vocal riff than Hey Jude?

    augusti 2010
  • tomsk-seismo

    breakin' up is hard but keepin' dark is hateful

    juli 2010
  • davidbowiegirl

    This is just... so perfect.... lyrics, music, the way Bowie sings... everything in it. One of the best songs in the world. And that is true!

    juli 2010
  • dinamiteg

    Damn nightmarish. Reminds me of Pink Floyd's The Trial...

    juli 2010
  • fmaratz

    One of my all...time Bowie favourites! :)

    juni 2010
  • Terrasidius


    juni 2010
  • Jumperjack

    I have loved this song since I was a young boy, I still love it today, one of Bowie's best!

    maj 2010
  • madeit

    but all i have to give is guilt for dreaming

    maj 2010
  • Jim81

    Time, He flexes like a whore, Falls wanking to the floor - good old bowie!

    april 2010
  • cleverity

    holy crap

    april 2010
  • lessbreath

    My favorite song in the whole world

    mars 2010
  • rubick3

    Seeing this performed live was one of the best moments of my concert history.

    mars 2010
  • Ennish

    @ davidbowiegirl and CoconutWarrior: Yeah, isn't it? The way it builds up gets my blood pumping.

    februari 2010
  • davidbowiegirl

    god that la la la chant at the end is epic [2]

    februari 2010
  • CoconutWarrior

    god that la la la chant at the end is epic

    februari 2010
  • CoconutWarrior


    februari 2010
  • diogoxara

    reminds me a bit of Pink Floyd

    januari 2010
  • Merss

    one of my favourites.

    januari 2010