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  • Hildebart

    Timeless [4]

    mars 2014
  • Frazerman

    I don't care if it's the middle of winter! I love this song.

    februari 2014
  • Red_Pain

    brings back the memories

    januari 2014
  • Red_Pain

    Timeless [3]

    januari 2014
  • pkflyers

    Timeless [2]

    december 2013
  • sbirkoff

    november 2013
  • extraordGntlmn


    september 2013
  • HimitsuUK

    Yo yo yo

    augusti 2013
  • dcuk5

    This track makes it summer no matter what time of year it is..

    augusti 2013
  • websrfr

    funny...actually experiencing summer right now.

    augusti 2013
  • cuyamara

    Oh, the nostalgia! [2]

    augusti 2013
  • dpbaul

    And here it is again.... can't wait to see what's in store!!! :) I never hear it this frequently. 07-31-2013

    augusti 2013
  • dpbaul

    Life is about to get good... 07-20-2013 Every time I hear this song, things get so much better... ;)

    juli 2013
  • oldirtyvillain

    ;___________; kool & the gang sample

    maj 2013
  • Ezekiel22

    Arguably the best Summer song ever created.

    maj 2013
  • bubba197810

    its almost that time to start playing this in louisiana. it like the summertime anthem.

    mars 2013
  • hankdallas

    great cut. timeless.

    mars 2013
  • acurran

    vv try Wild Wild West. it pains me to listen to that song for multiple reasons, one of them being Will's delivery.

    februari 2013
  • websrfr

    can't this man WRITE a bad rap??? I don't think so.

    januari 2013
  • chibinovachan

    Oh, the nostalgia!

    december 2012
  • corky64


    december 2012
  • phillybird

    idk why it took me so long to realize Will completely jacked Rakim's flow for this song.

    juni 2012
  • rella987

    perfect groove =)

    maj 2012
  • lisabemine

    Summertime is here............Guys and Girls

    maj 2012
  • MilleniumSnake

    and THIS is why i idolized him as a kid!!! always good song with a good moral! cheers to the Big Willie Style!!!

    april 2012
  • lagginswag


    april 2012
  • indie-n

    Weather is getting nice. Time to put this on repeat until September.

    mars 2012
  • MusicsSoulChild

    was never one-a my faves...but is still definitely a hot throwback...

    februari 2012
  • lord_of_beer

    I can not believe I was going into 8th grade when this came out.

    februari 2012
  • ecoberlin

    dope mr smith

    januari 2012
  • murjanb

    Nice Classic

    december 2011
  • jaybethatdude

    Happy for all his success, good dude.

    december 2011
  • omambiyick

    Elite rapper !!!

    december 2011
  • blogjob

    You, Will Smith, are a Über-Mensch... Unfassbar gute Musik, unfassbar gute Filme... nothing more to say... Listening to this song makes summer, even in the nasties winter...

    november 2011
  • paulpoker

    Can't help but =) when this track comes on.. oh yeah!

    oktober 2011
  • YankeeNTX

    Yeah, I got on sneaks, but I got a new pair, cuz basketball courts in the summer got girls there!

    oktober 2011
  • sheikamoux

    u make me feel good will!

    oktober 2011
  • dannygrl


    september 2011
  • Neferteri

    no, never gets old, Classic!!

    september 2011
  • simplydiffer


    september 2011
  • markiepaul

    love it. love the beat, everything. never gets old.

    augusti 2011
  • Rogal91


    augusti 2011
  • websrfr

    LOVE this time of year....

    augusti 2011
  • rwalsh42


    juli 2011
  • Kimchan98

    love it!

    juli 2011
  • misass


    juni 2011
  • computergeek836

    this song is now relevent

    juni 2011
  • hienka

    Super Song Memories Alive

    juni 2011
  • grenats


    juni 2011
  • knifewulf


    maj 2011