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  • DarkNeonNights


    april 2014
  • cabfedhig

    I'm obsessed with this cover for no good reason, I guess. It's incomparably lovely and vulnerable and melancholic in a way only Chromatics can capture for my ears.

    april 2014
  • devotchkapart2

    you can hear a blind man throwing darts? and it sounds like singing? not half bad in my opinion, they could have done better though.

    augusti 2013
  • strata_rep

    Wretchedly off-key, her insipid warbling sounds like a blind man throwing darts at a board. Wouldn't give a toss if she wasn't murdering a classic.

    augusti 2013
  • b52ohlol

    unbearable cover. didn't even think the vocalist was half bad until this. rest of the album is interesting so i'm just gonna go ahead and delete this track from my library and pretend it never happened.

    augusti 2013
  • takakayu

    Live version is much better than the studio version.

    juni 2013
  • wilhelm_m

    heroin post-disco... this cover seems to be impeccable to me, perfectness concentrated in 6 minutes. period.

    maj 2013
  • BlackWhiteout

    Let me steal this moment from you now

    april 2013
  • 10rambler


    mars 2013
  • pierrebalboa

    Their New Order-Cover "Ceremony" is nice as well. You can find it on soundcloud - as free download! :-)

    februari 2013
  • ukdarkangel

    shes no Kate (who is) but it's a nice little cover

    januari 2013
  • knyazev92

    Sounds great

    oktober 2012
  • Kaspar-Hauser

    Nice -.-

    oktober 2012
  • 303miles

    1 vote for Placebo

    september 2012
  • ivytanosi

    fantastik !!!

    september 2012
  • Randwer

    nice cover

    augusti 2012
  • susymaria

    Love it!!!! Love the 3 versions I know of: Kate Bush of course, Placebo and this one. I Love covers, I find it fascinating how they are able to take a beautiful song and make it different, but the same, and equally great!

    augusti 2012
  • pangloss82

    my ex is ignoring me like shit! this song... we both matter don't we!!

    augusti 2012
  • Shinigami93

    oh hell no. kate bush forever.

    juni 2012
  • BigLebowski74

    the original from kate is much better!

    juni 2012
  • Gosha96

    placebo's cover is more better than this.

    maj 2012
  • prime1128

    Not very good.

    april 2012
  • KendoPt4

    the heroin version

    april 2012
  • mostlife

    Das ist ein sehr geiles Cover Ding, ich bin sprachlos.

    april 2012
  • interpersonalny

    the best version

    mars 2012
  • Belazikkal

    I agree, it would suit the song much better if her voice was colder, a little more like Kate's. Nevertheless - this is a fantastic interpretation of an outstanding song! Love it! And will use it for night drives as often as possible, as this seems to be the track's purpose. :)

    mars 2012
  • pure_emotion

    cool ! ♥ ........ tastes are different ..... good so ........

    mars 2012
  • spacehxc


    februari 2012
  • SeaHan

    how often and how well? should look her up if they tour round my town sometime

    december 2011
  • Finhand

    This singer sucks.

    september 2011
  • XtraFrressshhhh

    Cant get enough of this song!!!! One of my fav covers!

    juli 2011
  • seao111

    great cover <3

    mars 2011
  • oohmusic

    nip tuck

    december 2010
  • yeunjina

    i was in love with this song 3 years ago. so in love

    oktober 2010
  • chicabuda

    kate diosa

    september 2010
  • madhoyden

    Love it. I liked the within temptation cover but this one is probably better.

    augusti 2010
  • rackessler

    80´for ever

    augusti 2010
  • limbonite_08

    way better than the placebo cover

    augusti 2010
  • etyiyentavsan

    This one is so different not only from the original one but also from the other covers done by Placebo and Within Temptation. She sings as if she is very tired, not that I complain, just don't know whether I love it or not. I think I'm gonna give it another try.

    juli 2010
  • TheVent

    The song elevates the band, not the other way....

    juni 2010
  • licinamm

    i feel distant from myself when i listen to this song. the depth of the lyrics and beats is vast. it creates a unique emotion.

    juni 2010
  • 10rambler

    We do like pinkepank's animated gif!

    juni 2010
  • 10rambler

    She ist not running - Kate Bush was.

    juni 2010
  • Asqqq

    I'm delighted.

    juni 2010
  • hannyfunny

    Mmuuurrr, this is absolutely beauty song by Kate Bush. And every cover is perfect, becouse you just can't stop to sing with the musicians! But this version is wonderfull, just becouse it was the first thing I heard.

    maj 2010
  • ttr_

    I love it.Prefer it over Placebo's.

    maj 2010
  • fastlane01

    Interesting, like it, and prefer it over Placebo's.

    maj 2010
  • accidentcauser

    not bad, but my favorite as far as those who have covered this Kate Bush song, would be the Faith and The Muse version.

    april 2010
  • whamcity

    they definitely do kate bush justice. even though her version cannot be beaten.

    april 2010
  • maldoror1975

    this would rather be 'runnin up that chill', but I prefer it to Placebo's version. It's as if this song was created to be sung by a woman

    mars 2010