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  • Hororo

    You can hear some new tasty Burnt by the Sun riffs in this new live video of The Glorious Hone (ex. Argonauts) http://www.theprp.com/2014/08/18/news/the-glorious-gone-revocation-ex-burnt-by-the-sunpsyopus-etc-play-first-show/

    igår eftermiddag
  • thedailygrind

    Such an influential band, at least to me. Bought Soundtrack to the Personal Revolution when I was about 16 and it changed everything.

    februari 2014
  • EndlessTeeth_

    Listening to burnt by the sun out loud sounds like a nuclear bomb falling on my house

    februari 2014
  • slawomiro

    They sound like Coalesce with a touch of Grind. Perfect. [2]

    december 2013
  • Considerables

    They sound like Coalesce with a touch of Grind. Perfect.

    november 2013
  • crazzyd77

    Fuckin' A

    november 2012
  • n_gink

    Luddite Clone split and first EP are the tits. Everything else is alright for background music or something.

    september 2012
  • Music_Fan456

    great band

    juli 2012
  • jmedran

    Any similar bands that are still around? Besides converge and Coalesce, it seems like most of the good ones are gone now.

    juli 2012
  • Hororo

    Diminitri Minakakis is no longer in the band and has been replaced by a guy from East of the Wall.

    juni 2012
  • supostat

    Dave Witte and John Adubato of BBTS started a new band featuring Dimitri Minakakis of early DEP on vocals: http://www.facebook.com/ArgonautsMusic They don't have anything recorded yet, tho.

    maj 2012
  • Jayden_Patuckie

    Hey) Nice stuff here!) Check out my friends' math\exp band) The Hysteria If you like 'em, feel free to share it with friends!) Thx a lot for attention) ;D

    maj 2012
  • Manoloxines

    Ate rebenta caralho!

    maj 2012
  • Riffwell

    Glad I got to see these guys live before the split

    april 2012
  • DrKKE

    amazing [2]

    april 2012
  • pylaochos


    mars 2012
  • Re-Vital-Eyes


    december 2011
  • Mike_910711

    Heart Of Darkness офигеннейший альбом. Inner Station и F-Unit ваще прям расколбас :)

    november 2011
  • JavierGarciaCeb

    "Heart of Darkness" is awesome, I love all the albums <3

    oktober 2011
  • thedailygrind

    You're into Mathcore, Tech Metal, Grindcore, Technical Death Metal, Avantgarde Black Metal and basically into anything that is dissonant?! You should join this group then: http://www.last.fm/group/Dissonant+Network

    juli 2011
  • mmmmmya

    seeing burnt by the sun for the first time tonight. i can't fucking wait.

    juli 2011
  • charliekilo22

    lol heart of darkness is nowhere near brocore.

    juni 2011
  • SpookyMcDooder

    you sound kind of dumb

    april 2011
  • mammock

    наконец-то добрался до них, заебок вообще

    april 2011
  • MurdererThief

    Бодрячком такие. Вроде неплохо. :) Вокал радует.

    februari 2011
  • growerouz

    Довольно таки интересный проект.

    januari 2011
  • Ayiman

    The Boston Tea-Bag Party seems remarkably prescient in retrospect.

    januari 2011
  • plothead31

    Awesome stuff

    oktober 2010
  • kcnirva

    there are pictures of me on the internet

    september 2010
  • stretch_3_miles

    11 Forlani 38

    augusti 2010
  • Ghestal

    Surprised Forlani isn't in the top tracks.

    juli 2010
  • onemorevictim

    Sup! Please check this nice post-metal/sludge omp: http://www.last.fm/music/Kentucky+Neighbourhoods and here the direct download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?hfe2kjmmkde (Empire 2010)

    juli 2010
  • goreasylum


    juli 2010
  • Vinici


    maj 2010
  • CrashingDevice

    Fantastic band! great vicioussss sounds

    april 2010
  • MeTaL_MaNiAc

    big surprise. don't know why took me so long to listen about them. hell of a good sound

    mars 2010
  • BlueFacedBeast

    I miss them already...

    mars 2010
  • si-fredo

    Yeah x3

    mars 2010
  • pellevoo

    Travelled all the way from Finland to see them in Hamburg, Germany, on their first (and most likely last) Eurotour ever in last October and there was maximum fifty (50!) person coming to see them there, huh?! Like they had only 2 shows in Germany and H-g has some 2 million inhabitants, but for the Grrreat band like BbtS there was so Shamefully few people interested to cum seeing them. :( Well, still Happy I made it there, though, as even it wasn´t really a total mind blowing show, but for sure very very good and entertaining 40 minutes anyways = worth of flying there 2+ hours one way & staying one night at airport etc. small things compared to...

    februari 2010
  • jonowev

    Fans of BBTS will like this group i'm sure: http://www.last.fm/group/Technical+and+Progressive+Metalcore

    januari 2010
  • sankathi

    You should hate yourself for having all that shit on your lastfm, paramore, acacia strain give me a break. (x2)

    januari 2010
  • BenOnUserstyles

    Superior sound

    januari 2010
  • wreckyourself82

    lot, not lost. i need sleep

    december 2009
  • wreckyourself82

    somebody really needs to tell this lost to stop splitting up, heavy music needs them.

    december 2009
  • volatyle

    Officially hate myself for taking so long to discover this band.

    december 2009
  • xdankstahx


    december 2009
  • Ausloschen

    The Perfect Is The Enemy of the Good is a fucking masterpiece

    november 2009
  • AceXV

    hoping they aren't gone for good =/ I got into them too late D:

    november 2009
  • Brent_AXiS

    Hehe no. I already heard a rumour they will appear at Hellfest 2010 and a few European festivals as well, with their original singer.

    november 2009
  • irishtim

    fuck... that sucks ass!

    november 2009