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  • DrMichaelGalvin

    One of my favorite Springfield tunes.

    juni 2013
  • edwinarcher

    SHE GOT SOUL! this is one of the best rock and roll songs ever to grace our ears.

    maj 2013
  • grandfunk49

    The Best!

    januari 2013
  • yankee53

    bufflo sprinfield got back together this past year and did a mini tour,but couldnt keep it together again too bad

    augusti 2012
  • Murphybeach

    One of the best bands ever! She got soul!!!

    juli 2012
  • ZarnBarn


    juni 2012
  • oldiesfanjohn

    The one and only Buffalo Springfield! .. Great vocals,Steven!

    maj 2012
  • silversurfer250

    Seminal Record: Buffalo Springfield AGAIN!

    april 2012
  • Sciencejeff

    Such a masterful track. So much talent. Spring of legends.

    februari 2012
  • LSBumblebee

    Still snappy after all these years!

    februari 2012
  • xtwntraphq

    Bluebird.....Mr. Soul. What a 45rpm !!

    januari 2012
  • notnicoletaylor

    this is so gorgeous

    december 2011
  • groovygabby

    It feels like I haven't heard this song in forever.

    december 2011
  • silversurfer250

    Flying is forgotten now...she thinks only of you.

    september 2011
  • notnicoletaylor

    mm that banjo

    augusti 2011
  • TommyMonoTone

    Been many moons since I heard this one....Still a great tune

    augusti 2011
  • bossmark


    juli 2011
  • felipe_89

    Amazing guitar solo

    mars 2011
  • luckylollyme

    yep it's good....

    december 2010
  • Drazba

    great band-except i hated the drumming

    december 2010
  • izzziea

    Love the twiddly guitar

    november 2010
  • bluejaydandy

    reminds me of one of my fave spacey movies

    juni 2010
  • AbbeyRdengineer


    maj 2010
  • hf1809


    maj 2010
  • bascuuu

    guitar delight!

    februari 2010
  • mitchn

    Stills and Young at their collaborative best.

    januari 2010
  • sboyar

    cant we go back there ??

    januari 2010
  • staash

    The banjo is a nice touch. The James Gang covered this - edgier and cool.

    januari 2010
  • Madthom8

    Guitars on this song are great. Bouncing off each other. Super.

    december 2009
  • CdnDoglady

    Great blast from the past!

    december 2009
  • Kassandra_

    she got soul......and you, too Buffalo

    november 2009
  • taa28

    That great twangy Stills guitar and Young's banjo pickin' holds up extraordinarily.

    oktober 2009
  • souldanceparty

    The banjo break is a special moment.

    september 2009
  • DrBlur

    Perfect 1960s psychedelic pop/rock...

    augusti 2009
  • dcross123

    Is that "Stills gives me chills?" lol

    augusti 2009
  • ghdancer

    Still gives me chills

    juli 2009
  • njmama

    Leave to Buffalo Springfield to make the banjo sound sexy!

    juli 2009
  • funnyfarmer


    juli 2009
  • sofielio

    This is one of those songs that you hit repeat on, over and over again, the voice, the guitars. Brilliant.

    juni 2009
  • onthepope

    the buffs were one reason the 60's was the golden era of rock

    juni 2009
  • treelover77

    I love Stephen Stills voice in this song!!!

    juni 2009
  • harriet58


    juni 2009
  • dmroger

    one of their best in their collection

    maj 2009
  • juniordorozario


    april 2009
  • maxcoltrane

    in my old joke stream of youth I'd call this the lighter side of banjo rock

    mars 2009
  • maxcoltrane

    own on record the long and short version ...bee uuu teee

    mars 2009
  • edumata


    mars 2009
  • treelover77

    wonderful song!!!!

    mars 2009
  • joedelperu

    Galopante melodia, portentonsa y primigenia canción para Neil Young....

    mars 2009
  • DakoSuede


    mars 2009