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  • Dakota3131

    It's coming, wait for it !!

    september 2012
  • AGuyInATie

    hope they release another album sometime soon...

    februari 2012
  • bobbyj85


    januari 2012
  • Cordett

    Yeah on the leaked Broken Bells [2010], Meyrin Fields was in place of Citizen. Citizen is not the high pitched guy singing with James (Meyrin Fields), but the song everyone says sounds like John Lenon. (To add to Vacant)

    december 2011

    Very mgmt-ish

    maj 2011
  • vacantlips

    The leaked version that had this labeled as "The Mall and Misery" seems to have been missing the track "Citizen" and so the last four tracks might have been titled wrong with the extra track (now known as "Meyrin Fields") wrongly labeled and included as "The Mall and Misery". Does that make sense?

    april 2011
  • beablossom


    april 2011
  • p-each

    i love this ep and this song

    april 2011
  • FelipeSah

    Yes, you are. Probably got a wrong leak

    mars 2011
  • BreakingSenator

    But seriously, what is the difference between this song and The Mall and Misery? Am I missing something?

    mars 2011
  • KRANG84

    last part of the song sounds like that terence trent d'arby song

    mars 2011
  • musicismy_GF

    Meyrin Fields is Broken Bells's chef d'oeuvre for the time being.

    mars 2011
  • jordan10la

    @propagandhi101 They are entirely different songs.

    januari 2011
  • propagandhi101

    whats the difference between this and mall and misery?

    december 2010
  • ethnt

    I had this named as Float from a leak, but I finally know what this is called!

    november 2010
  • paulistique

    Exelente! al fin encuentro el nombre de esta cancion! la amo!! :D

    oktober 2010
  • jordan10la

    Just found out what this song was called. I had it from the leak and had it tagged as Untitled ever since.

    september 2010
  • FireSka

    James told me the name of the song at SXSW in March when I asked him, but I was sworn to secrecy... finally I no longer have to keep it a secret and can rename my mp3 file from "Float"!!! Wooohoo! =)

    augusti 2010
  • RapeCannon

    Oh shit...

    juli 2010
  • slazh

    F*cking love this song.

    juli 2010
  • BW42

    Finally we know the name of that mysterious song!

    juni 2010