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  • BreakfastPills

    I like this. Yay ,me

    senaste månaden
  • Gabriel_Opeth

    c'est beau!

    december 2013
  • Portia2002

    Repetitive. Fine sound though

    augusti 2012
  • GeneSquidward

    Is it just me or does Blue Six look like Bono?

    augusti 2012
  • Junglist-Q8COAS

    Please capitalize.

    juli 2012
  • geoking66

    Can Blue Six be capitalised properly? Please?

    december 2011
  • norbassp

    as much as I love his music, as much I hate the misspelling.

    oktober 2011

    similar http://www.lastfm.it/group/CLUB+SQUISITO

    oktober 2011
  • gigcity

    Jay Denes is da man!! Keep it rockin' bro

    juli 2011
  • vaughnvhalen

    :":":":":":":":":":":":":":":":":":":":":":":" Fantastic !!!!}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{

    juni 2011
  • Philson91

    i need to give his music more love, great artist and his lounge music is superb, as we all know.

    april 2011
  • PuzzledCostya


    mars 2011
  • TshepsM

    listen to and download Kiss of RA it is equally as good

    november 2010
  • TshepsM

    if u turn your back on love

    november 2010
  • TshepsM

    what noesis better than aquarian angel? no way. noesis is cool but aquarian angel is better.

    oktober 2010
  • burntrepublic

    burntrepublic► ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ Hi5 \0/

    oktober 2010
  • soulsupreme

    Got the new album Noesis on Itunes. Its really good. Much better than the Aquarian Angel [LP]

    juni 2010
  • enoteca

    also available on itunes on June 15

    maj 2010
  • vicente85

    The new Blue Six album entitled, "Noesis", is scheduled for a June 29, 2010 release, make sure to show Jay Denes some love by showing him some support

    maj 2010
  • ewaodz

    The group ♦Pearl Fashion Music♦ . Welcome :)))

    maj 2010
  • Philson91

    great lounge music.

    mars 2010
  • Bcather

    Chillout Sessions.

    februari 2010
  • musiknwine

    i can't get enuf

    oktober 2009
  • ShinoShaw

    Some great music to relax to, to make love to, to dance to, to smoke a bowl to. Hell I play em while eating a nice steak.

    september 2009
  • reimusho

    jazzy and chilled

    augusti 2009
  • cavallid


    juni 2009
  • soon_Lim

    ahuh! finally a new profile photo is up :D

    maj 2009
  • myaquawave


    maj 2009
  • GQsm


    maj 2009
  • tonyrlittlelegs


    maj 2009
  • tonylittlelegs

    Blue Six & Close To Home What a track, so smooth & relaxing

    april 2009
  • timmerdorfer

    My fav track from Blue six. Shocking

    april 2009
  • Drax01

    :) fat

    april 2009
  • alishablondel

    pure bliss...

    mars 2009
  • thomasmangole

    this website is my find for 2009 truly epic in proportion, keep it up. i'm a deep, soulfull and dance house music fan, especially blue six, miguel miggs and lisa shaw

    mars 2009
  • EklectikSoul

    I´am adict to BLUE SIX, sweet adiction!

    mars 2009
  • 5OULM8

    Love sove much these tunes

    mars 2009
  • bubusia

    Happy music

    mars 2009
  • wendy15

    Feel comfortable!good!

    februari 2009
  • aphp

    lindos recuerdos :)

    februari 2009
  • Wave34

    Jay Denes, respect and thxs for the tunes...exspecially this one, 4 REAL.

    januari 2009
  • ramos_from_80s

    nice groove

    januari 2009
  • kiwi_krooner_73

    Love how this track takes you somewhere, fully feeling this groove!

    januari 2009
  • vijinho

    always hits the spot working late at night in front of the screen

    januari 2009
  • torikerasama

    VERY COOL ^~^b http://profile.myspace.com/torikerasama

    januari 2009
  • Ldannyweb

    This song is magic

    december 2008
  • creepcrawlflash

    my most listened to artist by a long shot. the sexiest, most soothing, most stylish music ive ever come across. Ultimate stress reliever.

    december 2008
  • AntBeeMomofuku

    Anything new forthcoming from them? Please?!

    november 2008
  • Wendywooxxx

    Aaaaahhh! Love it.

    november 2008
  • twistedsoulboy

    love this track,been at least 5 years since i heard it last,still sounding fresh and new.

    november 2008