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  • elf-culture

    I have to say St. Andrew's Fall is the best track on the album. The way Shannon wrote it in first person, and the way he evokes all those emotions of that woman who fell to her death, it's absolutely stunning. He nails it. What a talented man. I'm sure he found what he was looking for in death, though it's a shame he's not here to continue to make beautiful music.

    juni 2013
  • clintbeed6793

    After about a month of discovering and listening to Soup I will now say that this is not only the best Blind Melon album but also one of the best albums EVER made!! :) Every song is amazing!!

    oktober 2012
  • clintbeed6793

    Can't pick between this and the debut as they both have the same amount of amazing songs. However I will say I love the dark atmosphere and lyrics on this one. The psychedelic sound also makes this one a little better!

    september 2012
  • mariahueb

    the best of all.

    juni 2011
  • s14ck3r

    what, last - how come no can?

    december 2010
  • JamesHippieKid

    Amazing album never gets old, I just can't believe I've spent so much time away from it...

    juni 2010
  • NigelE8992

    scratch that, its all so good. the duke!

    april 2010
  • NigelE8992

    1. st. andrew's fall, 2. walk, 3. mouthful of cavities, 4. vernie, 5. toes across the floor, THIS CD IS LOADED WITH GOOD SONGS

    januari 2010
  • NigelE8992

    fucking perfect wow

    januari 2010
  • arthurleebarret

    Light years ahead of their self titled album. I wonder what the next album would have sounded like?

    januari 2010
  • s7nikal

    One of the 5 best albums I've ever heard. Masterpiece.

    januari 2010
  • GonzPilsen

    Wish this album was better known, it's so good

    december 2009
  • tehkeeks78

    My most favorite album ever created.

    november 2009
  • kevman5

    One of my all time favorite album covers.

    september 2009
  • sinti182

    I love this album.

    juli 2009
  • haleakalari

    it's been 12 years since i first heard this album and it still rips me up (in a good way).

    juni 2009
  • icypiece

    When I just feel in the mood for music, any music, to listen to on CD, this is always my first choise. Wonderful record.

    april 2009
  • Kuggles

    screw nevermind! this album is so much better!

    mars 2009
  • maynevibe

    This album is just....PRICELESS,AMAZING...couldnt live without it....rip shannon....

    januari 2009
  • AftermarketXx

    Andy Wallace on the album cover?? It worked = ) This album was ahead of it's time. Very much worth buying and the reply value is endless

    oktober 2008
  • youngstlou

    These hippies rock!

    september 2008
  • Guezmir

    top 3

    september 2008
  • Guezmir

    one of the best album ever!!!! very undarrated unfortunately. top 5 for me lie in peace shannon. love ya

    september 2008
  • lukeloseth

    incredible album

    september 2008
  • nachodpz

    one of the best !!!Original intelligent and good musicians....anithing mooore!!!

    september 2008
  • Iamstatic-xhead

    love love love

    juni 2008
  • AftermarketXx

    my favorite BM album.

    juni 2008
  • soonago

    I love everyone who loves this album. It validates my 12-year-old self who worshiped it. It's still great, by the way.

    mars 2008
  • Mannequentin

    Easily their best.

    mars 2008
  • pearuhsaurus

    God I love this album.

    februari 2008
  • RoyalSkull

    This album would have done better had Shannon not died :(

    februari 2008
  • Sitatunga

    Beautiful album that I particularly loved in the summer of 2003......

    september 2007
  • sorelymistaken

    It made me so upset when this record failed to be a commercial success for the band. I remember when I bought it at a tower records on my way to the airport to catch a cross country flight with my parents and brother and listening to it the entire trip and thinking, this is a great record... it holds up well too.

    augusti 2007
  • Closer2The3dge

    One of the most underrated albums of the 90's

    april 2007

    Toes Across the Floor - great, great song

    januari 2007
  • Marcelloz

    one of the best albums ever made.

    november 2006