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  • Semichronic

    I wish Hansi sang at least half as good as here on the ITtLG DVD, to be honest.

    februari 2013
  • IgorDetoni

    Listening to it right now and it's probably one of the best live albums I'll ever listen to. THIS is just... It's astonishing, amazingly powerful.

    februari 2013
  • Lionheartattack

    I finally got it! ;_; I've actually never even heard it. I'm waiting for big things from this album. Agreed - great cover! Old school. Brings to mind Tales from the Twilight World.

    oktober 2011
  • Metality

    Great live album. That cover is remarkable as well.

    augusti 2011
  • KeenanJohnston

    The best live album I've ever listened to. Virtually all of the songs sound far better than the album versions.

    augusti 2011
  • Violet__Evileye

    One of the best live albums ever listened (I familiarly call it "The Bard's Tavern"... at first I thought it was its real name!). The live versions of A Past and Future Secret and Time Stands Still (At The Iron Hill) are truly epic.

    augusti 2011
  • Instrumedley

    this is just...EPIC...omg...

    juni 2011
  • SlayerOfLight1

    I can't believe I'm only just now listening to this. E P I C!!!! (urgh I need a bigger text size to do this justice)

    maj 2011
  • Darmer_91

    the crowd is so epic! |m|

    december 2010
  • nathinha_123


    maj 2010
  • Irgendwas90

    me likes :>

    februari 2010
  • roomiccube

    The best live album ive ever listened to, by miles!

    oktober 2009
  • arashkh

    I'm agree with all of you! It's so astounding! long live BG! \m/

    juni 2009
  • Ferdie88

    One of the best things BG ever did

    december 2008
  • StrayFire12

    best live album ever

    november 2008
  • codenamev810

    i concur, a great live album.

    augusti 2008
  • Isreali

    one of the best live albums ever I'd say!

    juli 2008
  • ayl2211

    no, this album is fucking great !

    april 2008
  • Facemelter_

    Good live album!

    januari 2008