• Lately in my Music World VII

    8 aug 2012, 18:20 av OnceNefarious

    This is another sort of back-logged entry, me writing NOW about music that I discovered about a month ago. Oh well. I'm trying to keep it semi-chronological, as in waves of music in separate entries according to when I discovered them. And then when I get to the present, hopefully I'll just keep up with these logs instead of having to batch-write three in a row again like this. :P The point is the write about the music I discover as I discover it. But, oh well, I'm trying.

    This wave began with a very painful purge that had to happen and could not be avoided...the purging of all my badly-labeled music. Back when I first got it, probably seven years ago, I knew virtually nothing about classical except that I just liked it. But I didn't know what kinds I liked, or whether to label it with the artist or the composer when looking at some of the CD covers, or the difference between calling the track the piece or properly labeling it with the proper movement of the piece and…
  • Minha Vida Segundo Björk

    31 jul 2011, 00:30 av jyjz

    Você é um homem ou mulher: Cetacea
    Descreva-se: The Dull Flame of Desire
    Como você se sente: Immature
    Descreva o local onde você vive atualmente: Mouth's Cradle
    Se você pudesse ir a qualquer lugar, onde você iria? Oceania
    Sua forma de transporte preferido: Cocoon
    Seu melhor amigo: Venus as a Boy
    Você e seu melhor amigo são: Earth Intruders
    Qual é o clima: All Neon Like
    Se sua vida fosse um programa de TV, o que seria chamado: In the Musicals
    O que é vida para você: An Echo, a Stain
    Seu relacionamento: Triumph of a Heart
    Seu medo: Pneumonia
    Qual é o melhor conselho que você tem a dar: Enjoy
    Pensamento do Dia: I Miss You
    Meu lema: Possibly Maybe
  • The Delightful 50 of the 00's (Best Albums 2000-2009)

    26 nov 2010, 20:51 av thomas10

    1 Antony and the Johnsons - The Crying Light
    The black-and-white image of legendary Butoh dancer Kazuo Ohno that adorns the cover of The Crying Light, the third full-length by Antony and the Johnsons, seems to offer a view of a being enveloped in both ecstasy and agony -- or does it? The songs contained here offer something else: a glimpse of a universe beyond the pale of vision, seen only by the individual experiencing it. Neo-classical underpinnings are entwined lovingly with broken pop songs and secretive after-hours cabaret poems. Check the opener, "Her Eyes Are Underneath the Ground". The piano and cello fall together as one slow dancer, alone in the spotlight, keeping memory as time: "In the garden, with my mother/I stole a flower/With my mother, in her power/I chose a flower/I saw six eyes glistening in my womb/I felt you calling me in the gloom/Rest assured your love is pure.... …
  • Björk's Top 100 songs

    21 nov 2009, 03:41 av Constellation66

    UPDATED 12/4/2011:
    It's Bjork's Birthday! Party Time! Well it's probably not anymore seeming as you're probably not reading this on her Birthday, and the fact that I started this journal about 2 years ago, but alas, I shall continue.

    Before I had ever listened to Björk’s music, I thought she was just another strange female artist you occasionally hear in the media with her wacky outfits. But then one day I heard Hyperballad and that amazing music video that went with it, and I was hooked ever since. I then took the plunge, taking a risk on an unfamiliar artist, listening to more and more of her music and getting more and more hooked with each song. I then discovered that not only is she an ageless beauty, and so unique in personality (I'm not talking unique because she wears different clothes), her entire life is consumed by music and melody's and she devotes herself to sound, not to fame. And I’ve been consumed by her music ever since!
  • Live Recordings I Own [B]

    5 apr 2009, 14:27 av Babooshko

  • Top Fifty Björk Songs.

    25 mar 2008, 19:15 av Confessions87

    A recent resurgance in my adoration for the featured artist, coupled with seeing similar journals floating around has resulted in this list, my definitive, ultimate Top Fifty Björk Songs. I am usually dubious of constructing such lists due to my ever-changing opinion on what is the best and how the best should be ordered.

    And what is best? Best to me means worst to someone else. This list will no doubt be incorrect and out of date in a few years' time, too. Anyway, I digress, I felt like it was now necessary to compile such a chart because I've listened to Björk's music for so many years and in such an enormous volume. She is clearly one of the largest influences on my life and the music I have since listened to since I picked up "Debut" in the winter of 2003.

    I have surprised even myself when compiling this list. Certain songs are higher than I thought they would be. A lot of time was spent systematically narrowing down my favourite songs from each album…
  • Meme: 40 Songs

    23 sep 2007, 22:14 av fireicicle

    Put your music player on shuffle.
    Post the first 40 songs that come up. You can repeat artists if you want. If you have any repeats, skip to the next track.

    01. Norah Jones - Carnival Town
    02. Tom Waits - Reeperbahn
    03. Tocotronic - The Gift
    04. Tocotronic - Ich weiß es nicht
    05. Renato Ventura - Don't Forget Africa
    06. Frozen Silence - Childhood
    07. Rebecca Pidgeon - Kalerka
    08. The Corrs - No Frontiers
    09. Dead Kennedys - Hyperactive Child
    10. Siouxsie and the Banshees - The Last Beat Of My Heart
    11. Bliss - You Have Something in Your Scowl
    12. Guided by Voices - A Good Flying Bird
    13. Sambassadeur - Kate
    14. Papa Roach - Life Is A Bullet
    15. Nine Inch Nails - Down In It
    16. Korn - Counting On Me
    17. Björk - Earth Intruders
    18. Tori Amos - Doughnut Song
    19. Björk - An Echo, a Stain
    20. Dead Kennedys - Kepone Factory
    21. Tori Amos - Baltimore
    22. Tocotronic - Die 10 Uhr Show
    23. Die Ärzte - Dos Corazones
    24. Arctic Monkeys - Only Ones Who Know
    25. Dead Kennedys - Insight
  • Björk - Vespertine

    15 maj 2006, 15:06 av razarelie

    I would like to share with you my personal listenings of Björk's album Vespertine

    Track By Track:

    A perfect opening with track one subduing you into the trance that this album takes you. Hidden Place starts with its deep sub tonic waving intro, with a delicate electro-riff playing softly on top. It eventually builds on top of its deep wave of synth, as it applies a layer of Vespertine's signature microscopic sounds. The amass of small sharp minute sounds create a dynamic track which builds into a passionate and deep ocean felt chorus. Though the backing of the strings in the chorus if listened carefully sound a bit corny, it is essential to that uplifting winter sea side feel. I particularly like when this track dulls into the choir and Björk singing more deeply and lower.

    Cocoon Picks up where Hidden Place left off, yet again applying the deep bass synth with another layer of its minute matchings. Björk's vocal's on this track are amazing, though I can imagine some might find it a negative. …