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  • marksplace2008

    Her new album Change Of Heart now scheduled for 1st September.

    19 dagar sedan
  • CDPETE01

    Funny how a artist can have at least three top ten hits but classed here as a one hit wonder,maybe a one hit wonder in the albums,but not singles surely.I remember her hits from the early 90s still sounding good today.

    april 2013
  • bigshittalker

    Orca remix.

    juni 2011
  • Speedcore-Imil

    Haha, one hit wonder much

    mars 2011
  • jasonsilver

    Piano-vocal lovers, you might like Jason Silver.

    juni 2010
  • EmmaKSpence

    Promise me is such a beautiful song the lyrics are Lovely, such a timeless song I never get tired of hearing it played on the radio as often as it is such a great artistfor Sensual Piano, Soulful voice www.last.fm/music/Emma+K+Spence

    juni 2009
  • Secret_Sense

    She´s so increcible<3 Beverley is also the reason that I started playing piano and composing songs. I´m a big big fan of her and her songs. I wonder why she´s so underrated here.

    maj 2008
  • Mira Manga

    Beverley is the reason I started singing in the Duloks <3 <3 <3

    mars 2008
  • maciej3

    Of course it's Beverley look on her albums. it's wit e. But what I will say is that she is really underrated :(

    november 2007
  • LarkCGN

    No, its not! Its Beverley! And she is a very good singer&songwriter. Promise Me is amazing.

    augusti 2007
  • Jeemiee

    Op d'r CD staat toch ook Beverly

    februari 2007
  • Love_Fulfilled

    It's Beverly and not Beverley.. idiots!!

    februari 2007