• [56] Bert Jansch - Bert Jansch (1965)

    22 okt 2008, 21:48 av Llorenza

    Bert Jansch - Bert Jansch

    When you listen to this album, it is so hard not to compare Bert Jansch to Nick Drake. Well, I am a complete wuss, so I will compare Bert Jansch to Nick Drake. Ha!

    Because, let's be honest, Nick Drake is Bert Jansch with a more beautiful voice. At least, I thought so at first. Listening more to Bert Jansch also made me appreciate his voice. But still, I feel that Nick Drake's slightly higher (and sweeter) voice suits this kind of songs better. But someone who got to know Bert Jansch before Nick Drake, will maybe think the opposite.

    Opposed to Nick Drake's sweeter voice, Bert Jansch has the advantage that he can put more anger in his songs. When he does that, it really gets interesting (Do You Hear Me Now). What's more, Bert Jansch wins some points back with his incredible guitar playing. This makes the instrumental pieces sometimes even more interesting than the vocal songs. I know I said two journals ago that B.B. …