• Ask me no questions 12

    13 feb 2012, 14:07 av sofiesea

    Well hello 2012. You know what, I've been reading some of the previous years gig lists and its nice to remember so I'll have a go at keeping a diary on this thing again.

    26th January - Lubomyr Melnyk at Cafe Oto.
    You have no idea how excited I was to see this gig. An old boyfriend of mine played a gig with this guy in Estonia a few years ago and when he came back he was all like "you HAVE to hear him" and when I listened to his record Wave-Lox I can honestly say I've never before been so involved in a piece of music before, recorded or live. When I listen to Lubomyr I think fondly of sharing this with no one else except myself, selfish I know but this stuff is too good to share. Really though, this wasn't that hard to pull off because I honestly thought no one had heard of him apart from me (us) never mind owned a nice slab of vinyl containing his work (me, I went on to buy KHM off some dude in Denmark)
    Imagine my surprise when I got outside Cafe Oto and there was a queue around the building…
  • Love Action 09

    20 apr 2009, 13:18 av sofiesea

    So I'm gonna keep a list of bands I get to see this year... An idea stolen from my pal Chris Iffy. Up until today I'll try and recall my best but I reckon//know I've left a load out.. but will try and be as concise as possible from now on!

    17th Jan - Team Brick, , Universal Orders, at Catch
    22nd Jan - Ben Nash, , WingHorses, , Chora, ? at Oto
    31st Jan - Ashtray Navigations, , at Cafe Oto

    4th Feb - wing horses, , Chora, , Serfs, at the George Tavern

    7th March - Blurt, , Soho
    9th March - Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, , Datashock, , Team Brick, @ The Miller
    Nearly got mugged/and or worse on the way home from this one. eep!
    28th/29th March - Yes Way fest. Auto Italia, Peckham.

    3rd April - The Field, at Cargo
    18th April - Bunch of bands at some party in Dalston
    30th April - Chora, and Sonic Youth, at the Scala
    "hey thurston, you make me feel reALLY short and kim, i like yr necklace"

    2nd May - Mic Flower, , James Ferraro, , Jazzfinger, , the hunter gracchas, at Cafe Oto
  • Most beautifull albums made during 2008 (u0514/2009)

    18 dec 2007, 17:57 av dyingdeer