• Seen Live~

    18 aug 2013, 22:31 av maceasa

    12.04 - God Is An Astronaut, Litera1 @Fabrica, Bucuresti
    04.04 - Trupa Hertz, Old City, Fade Out @ Times, Brasov

    08.03 - False Reality, The Dignity Complex, Perseverance, Deliver The God @ Rockstadt, Brasov
    20.02 - fluturi pe asfalt, Quantum Drive @Control Club, Bucuresti

    10.01 - Aria Urbana @Trippin' Cafe, Brasov

    28.12 -Iris @Universitate, Bucuresti
    07.12 - Friday Fever, Robin and the Backstabbers @Rockstadt, Brasov

    30.11 - Terminal Prospect, Grimegod, Negura Bunget @Rockstadt, Brasov
    29.11 - The Thirteenth sun, Roadkillsoda, Sunset in the 12th house @Rockstadt, Brasov
    28.11 - Travka@Rockstadt, Brasov
    24.11 - Empyrium @Centrul Cultural Reduta, Brasov
    23.11 - Hteththemeth, LABURINTHOS @Rockstadt Brasov
    23.11 - Hexvessel @Centrul Cultural Reduta, Brasov

    05.10 - Ramm-Brand(t) @Rockstadt, Brasov

    10 - 11.09 - Aalbachtal Express @Arena Sportiva "Ion Tiriac", Brasov
    06 - 15.09 - Trupa 6 @Arena Sportiva "Ion Tiriac", Brasov
  • 2012 - a year in music

    19 jan 2013, 17:51 av MATI9630

    Better late than never.

    …or so they say? Well, it is kinda late, but then again, I was too greedy – wanted to rat—I mean, listen to so much music, hence the delay.

    Note that my rating scale may (and probably will) differ from yours. Short summary:
    9 – amazing
    8 – very good, recommended for everyone
    7 – not bad, if you like the genre/band very much, you might give it a try…
    6 – well, you CAN listen to it, but there’s no point. Boring/annoying for some reason. Not recommended (maybe if you’re a fanboy of the band – but in that case you’d already own the album)
    Anything below 6 – no. Just no.

    This or the Apocalypse – Dead Years // I’d rather have the Apocalypse…

    All That Remains – A War You Can Not Win

    As I Lay Dying – Awakened
    Ektomorf – Black Flag
    Every Time I Die – Ex Lives

    Arthemis – We Fight
    At Vance – Facing Your Enemy
    Cradle of Filth – The Manticore and Other Horrors
    Delain – We Are the Others
    DragonForce – The Power Within
    Eluveitie – Helvetios
  • Музыкальные итоги 2012

    13 jan 2013, 13:41 av AndreyAbrosimov

    Лучшие альбомы:

    Silent DescentMind Games (Modern Melodic Death Metal) 10/10
    Со времён первого альбома «Duplicity» миновало ни много ни мало 4 года и, похоже, всё это время группа накапливала мощь, чтобы заключив контракт с лейблом выдать действительно крутой релиз – музыкальный наркотик, который попробовав раз, уже невозможно отказаться от удовольствия вкусить его ещё раз. А потом ещё и ещё. Похоже, парни учли все свои прошлые недочёты и записали безупречный со всех сторон альбом с фантастической энергетикой, качественным звуком и целым вагоном хитов. Конечно же, особой похвалы здесь заслуживает электроника, ибо она красива, воздушна (чего только стоит клавишное соло в Lasting Impression и трансовый фейерверк в Breaking The Space) и самое главное – отлично вплетена в структуру композиций. Во второй раз группа доказала, что и в таком жанре как модерн метал можно звучать свежо и оригинально.

    As I Lay DyingAwakened (Metalcore) 10/10
  • Schattenkrieger Music Awards 2012

    10 jan 2013, 18:03 av II666II


    1. Grindcore|Death Metal

    Aeon - Aeons Black

    Как водится, это категория получается у меня одной из самых многочисленных, и за прошлый год было прослушано около полусотни релизов смежных стилей. В связи с этим я долго откладывал выбор победителя, полагая, что решение обещает быть непростым. Но на удивление, принято оно было достаточно быстро. Шведы Aeon со своей четвертой полноформатной работой Aeons Black победили уверено и безапиляционно, записав мощный, бескомпромиссный Death альбом в котором просто нет слабых мест. Да, возможно вы не найдете здесь какой-то оригинальности или новаторского подхода, но качество и профессионализм работы не должны оставить равнодушными поклонников стиля.

    2. Melodic Death Metal

    Be'lakor - Of Breath and Bone

  • 2012 summary, or THE journal you've all been waiting for!

    3 jan 2013, 19:15 av Mrozikos667

    So, yet another issue of the Year End Summary is about to amuse and bewilder you. It was an awesome year for music, and it was also a totally magnificent year for my other passion, cinema, but that's not the place to speak about it. Anyway, for quite some time I've had this thought that this summary business is kinda stupid – suddenly in December you realise how many potentially awesome albums you've missed and then you desperately try to make up for it by listening as much as you can, neglecting your work, studies, family, girlfriend, cat or whatever you've got to care for. Not that I intend to drop doing this or something, I guess I just like doing pointless stuff nobody cares about. Oh well, I start to blabber here. So, let's get ready to rumble!

    This or the Apocalypse – Dead Years (The Worst Album of the Year and The Disappointment of the Year; it's actually really, really sad how this band managed to stoop so low after two great releases...)
  • ТОп 12*

    31 dec 2012, 19:42 av msk1147

    Kreator - 2012 - Phantom Antichrist
    The Levitation Hex - 2012 - The Levitation Hex
    Helltrain - 2012 - Death Is Coming
    Ne Obliviscaris - 2012 - Portal Of I
    Atoma- 2012 - Skylight
    Anathema - 2012 - Weather Systems
    Forgotten Silence - 2012 - La Grande Bouffe
    Antimatter - 2012 - Fear of a Unique Identity
    Retrospective - 2012 - Lost In Perception
    Hidria Spacefolk - 2012 - Astronautica

    В этом году не так активно следил за музыкальными новинками к сожалению... Буду пополнять еще. Но на данный момент так.
  • Top10 - 2012

    31 dec 2012, 15:42 av Inner

    10º - Aoria - The Constant
    9º - Atoma - Skylight
    8º - Sigh - In Somniphobia
    7º - Kreator - Phantom Antichrist
    Wintersun - Time I
    5º - Tiamat - The Scarred People
    4º - Woods of Ypres - Woods 5: Grey Skies & Eletric Light
    3º - Alcest - Les Voyages de l'âme
    2º - Katatonia - Dead End Kings
    1º - Anathema - Weather Systems
  • Top albums of 2012

    24 dec 2012, 07:23 av bugatty7373

  • Top metal albums of 2012

    18 dec 2012, 00:58 av within_darkness

    1. KamelotSilverthorn
    Didn’t expect Kamelot to sound that genuine after Roy Khan’s departure but Tommy fully delivered on several levels. Thankfully, the ‘new’ style is closer to what they did in the older days (welcome back, solos!) rather than the artificial sound on the last two efforts. All this, together with memorable melodies, breathtaking vocals and a haunting concept story, is more than enough to bring Youngblood’s brainchild back in the game and make Silverthorn its best output since the shadow of The Black Halo.

    2. FinsterforstRastlos
    One of the very few albums of late that I can listen to from start to finish without an urge to skip a song or two. The line-up change led to a complete makeover and resulted in tightly produced moody epics which are surprisingly nowhere near being over the top. Despite taking notes from bands even a deaf person can distinguish, Rastlos is a damn worthy release in an overly-rehashed scene which rarely strikes me as exciting.

    3. MoonspellAlpha Noir
  • My favourite albums of 2012

    17 dec 2012, 19:03 av CosmoAnus