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Listen to the complete Astroqueen discography including rare, remastered demos directly from the band for free at the brand new Astroqueen bandcamp & Facebook page!

Astroqueens music can be described as heavy, fuzzy, downtuned, spaced-out rock! With influences from bands such as early Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Kyuss and Soundgarden.

The members of Astroqueen live in the small sea side village of Stenungsund, which is north of Gothenburg, Sweden. This is where they put their heavy tunes together. The dudes have been jamming together in different projects since 1995 but it wasnt until the summer of ‘98 that Astroqueen was born. After intense jamming and excessive practice hours spent in the garage they entered the studio to record their first demo.

In June ‘99 Astroqueen recorded one track for the Swedish stoner compilation called ”Molten Universe: Volume 1”. Also featured on this compilation are bands such as Dozer, Lowrider and Mammoth Volume among others.

At this point the public interest in Astroqueen started to grow and they were approached by the small label Monster Zero (Germany) who wanted to release an Astroqueen 7”. Since Astroqueen hadn’t yet recorded any material they moved some recording equipment into their garage and laid down five tunes on tape. This demo is known as ”Themes from the Magic Ocean”. Two tunes from this recording, ”Rufus the Space Agent” and ”Asteroid Blaster (pt. 1)” ended up on the Monster Zero 7”.

Shortly after the recording Underdogma records (US) approached Astroqueen and requested a track for their upcoming compilation of 27 other stoner rock bands which included the likes of Solace, Solarized and Men of Porn. Once again picked from ”Themes from the Magic Ocean”.

In October ‘99 Astroqueen did two gigs with American rockers Unida. One show in Gothenburg and the other one in Stockholm.

At the same time the demo ”Themes from the Magic Ocean” was mailed to several record labels. In december 1999 Astroqueen was signed to Pavement Music. Their first longplaying record was produced by King Diamond guitarist - Andy LaRouque and it saw it…s day in the summer of 2001.

The band took timeout in 2004 and some of the members are already engaged in new musical projects like Hearts of Black Science and Sambassadeur. This page is a reference page to their past work and music influenses. For more information about Astroqueen, check out and/or

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