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  • AtzzkiySotona


    augusti 2013
  • rusverm

    http://vk.com/kritikarokpesen?w=wall-51140227_1179 их песня высоко оценена.

    augusti 2013
  • ezotopp


    juni 2013
  • TER142


    juni 2013
  • darketo2013

    i love!! <3

    maj 2013
  • rumisinners


    april 2013
  • skoro1975

    ALL FEMALE METAL BAND: - DRACENA - (black thrash death metal band from Sweden) listen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qggMLKiQ9ss

    april 2013
  • ikd-sj

    [SPEND MY DAYS] epic ヽ( ゚Д゚)人(゚Д゚ )ノ

    april 2013
  • staf26

    Rejcosniy Call

    februari 2013
  • bogdanpsv

    Make my day !

    januari 2013
  • TER142

    Two female vocalists. It's pretty nice!

    december 2012
  • crash899

    las amo buenas letras directas

    oktober 2012
  • Paulo-00

    Pretty Words <3<3

    september 2012
  • lost_to_apathy

    After a FANTASTIC debut album it seems their sound went pretty mediocre, such a shame :( they had great potential

    september 2012
  • KellemxD


    augusti 2012
  • Filip_Euler

    Pop aint metal - melodeath guitars aint enoguh.

    april 2012
  • crownanchor

    Very interesting duo on vocals :)

    april 2012
  • Devildom

    Не особо как-то. У одной из солисток такая манера пения, точно она жвачку все время жует.

    april 2012
  • troyan90

    я тащусь. крутая группа

    april 2012
  • mary721

    Beautiful voices ^^

    mars 2012
  • PhoenixMCH

    Totally underrated. [2]

    mars 2012
  • ademirf

    This band is SO AMAZING! I totally love their songs!!!!

    februari 2012
  • Ne0evan

    Great band!

    januari 2012
  • karobor

    The Swedes do a lot of good bands.

    december 2011
  • ademirf

    Good music :)

    december 2011
  • karobor


    november 2011
  • damix199

    It's f*cking good band :D \m/

    oktober 2011
  • Catcherko

    Totally underrated.

    oktober 2011
  • Maellj

    <3 the song blame is really great :) so much emotion, can't hear it enough <3

    september 2011
  • Anadune

    Bought 'A Road To Depression' for 3€ at Summerbreeze festival...even the 3€ is wasted money...really unworth listening. Uninteresting compositions and even less lyric content. Havent heard such a bad band in a while.

    augusti 2011
  • WitchBladeRax


    augusti 2011
  • DashaBest414

    Not bad band at all. Worth listening to sometimes. [2]

    maj 2011
  • Klonki

    Not bad band at all. Worth listening to sometimes. [1]

    maj 2011
  • Shownomercy502

    I just came across them the other day as I was checking out the bands I didn't know on Spinefarm's label, I made a pretty impressive list of bands I wanted to check out further but my mistake was starting with these guys. I haven't even given the other bands a second listen yet because I've been stuck on these guys ever since!

    april 2011
  • Burn_my_Shadow

    приятная музычка

    april 2011
  • dev_inside

    Not bad band at all. Worth listening to sometimes.

    april 2011
  • snappy5

    LordSnape you are a moron

    mars 2011
  • VookieTabarika

    now that you've heard em I dare you to try to stop they are in my head nonstop and on every playlist I have made since discovering them that's how I know they are good I don't care about anything else good music has a way of being heard.

    mars 2011
  • h0pesfall

    Discovered them yesterday and I'm already in love. :)

    februari 2011
  • zars7

    If you like this band then you may also like If Man Is Five, they have a female vocalist and guitarist. http://www.last.fm/music/If+Man+Is+Five

    februari 2011
  • Spiderschwein81

    the more i listen,the more i like it :D SO great voices and lyrics.great album!

    februari 2011
  • ThePope15

    My god these girls can certainly sing. Great band.

    februari 2011
  • Reveler

    8 good songs and 5 terrible. Average album but still good.

    november 2010
  • LordSnape

    Shit band.

    november 2010
  • Angry_B8

    Seeing these comments makes me think I would prefer the first album, but I like the second album (Except for Nobody's Story, I quite can't stand that song)

    november 2010
  • sollem

    Area 1 is awesome :D

    november 2010
  • radical92

    I like new album, but I expected that it will be heavier, first album was more Metal, "A Road To Depression" is more Rock, but basically not bad! [5]

    november 2010
  • KingBowser13

    "wow .. amazing find .. I am instantly hooked onto them!" Same here :)

    november 2010
  • miqsh

    wow .. amazing find .. I am instantly hooked onto them!

    november 2010
  • SKyLine92

    I like new album, but I expected that it will be heavier, first album was more Metal, "A Road To Depression" is more Rock, but basically not bad! [4]

    oktober 2010