• Alicia Keys' "Piano & I" tour review - June 11th

    12 jun 2011, 08:29 av RnB_001

    Sam 11 juin – Alicia Keys

    Last night was the 1st concert of Alicia Keys' "Piano & I" tour, a 4-date concert dedicated to the release of her very 1st album, Songs in A Minor, 10 years ago.

    The concert started at 8:05pm with a 1st part. It was a French singer who sang for 25 minutes. She sang songs from her forthcoming album and covered 2 songs as well: a Michael Jackson song and an Angie Stone song, Brotha.

    After waiting for 1 hour, Alicia arrived on stage at 9:30pm and played an introduction on her piano. It was a black and gold piano and candles were around it. It was very classy.

    Then she thanked us for being here with us and told us she would be explaining to us where she was from, where she grew up and the songs she'd listen to when growing up.

    She started with Butterflyz, then Girlfriend. After playing those 2 songs, she cover a DeBarge song, and continued with Troubles, A Woman's Worth, Never Felt This Way & Goodbye. She also told us the songs she played with her best friend.
  • 15 songs and stories

    29 jan 2007, 08:13 av pinkmochi

    1. Lenny Kravitz - Are You Gonna Go My Way: In Elementary school I was a big Lenny fan and I would listen to this song a lot, especially after I got my own tape player. I can easily remember it as being one my favorite songs.
    2. The Brilliant Green - Rock n Roll: I love Tomoko's voice and this was always a favorite song by TBG. Because all I need is rock and that special someone. I sang this to my first love while we were walking on the beach. It was quite romantic and he really liked the song too.
    3. The Beatles - Michelle: Of course I have to pick this song because I was named after it. Also, when guys are trying to impress me they sing this song to me. It used to be sweet, now it's just unoriginal. In any case, still flattering and I like it. : )
    4. The Cure - Just Like Heaven: My dad introduced me to the Cure and we used to listen to it a lot. This is his favorite song and I performed it once for talent show.
    5. Supremes - Where did our love go?: I always loved the supremes and MoTown as a kid. …