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  • crazzyd77


    november 2013
  • karolcia_1993


    april 2013
  • vegaspimp22

    i mean its good, but it lacks the punch APC has. And I know, I shouldnt compare the two, this is his project, but its hard not too.

    september 2012
  • falastep

    is melo-dramatic a setting on auto-tune?

    augusti 2012
  • muffin_69

    i love you Billy! <3

    juni 2012
  • whoknoz


    april 2012
  • Banets


    april 2012
  • robscop

    great song

    mars 2012
  • niceverdict

    any song that can give me goosebumps in a good way, is fantastic. This one is .

    januari 2012
  • bdean97

    excellent song

    november 2011
  • only-1-my

    f I could separate me from myself, I'd stay away from me...................

    maj 2011
  • caramello12

    Not one of my favorite songs by them but still good

    april 2011
  • Zeppelin315

    Josh Freese, superb

    november 2010
  • tonyIchiban

    sounds autotuned.

    november 2010
  • marefado

    yuk...teen rock

    oktober 2010
  • manovideo

    i agree the voice is lacking, the production though is very satisfying

    september 2010
  • sylphie_elphie

    How does his voice lack passion? I think his voice is gorgeously emotive...

    september 2010
  • saradeeuk

    powerfull lyrics.. but musically it does lack the depth of the other bands that make up its parts....it does sound good just not achingly inside my soul....

    juni 2010
  • amanicangel

    Only song by them I really like..

    juni 2010
  • niespodziewanka

    Some parts reminds of "Blue" and some of "What's Going On" by APC. Good song. (:

    april 2010
  • jasmineha

    gotta say, I was not keen on his voice in this song at first either. Really the very first line just doesn't sound right or something, BUT after I get past that I really like it. I don't think it's as "passionate" as "Denial Waits", which is very engrossing to me.

    juni 2009
  • atomiczen

    I...don't know how to respond to this song. The music says "APC Lite", his visual image appears to be channeling Billy Corgan, and the voice seems to.... just miss the mark. He lacks magnetism.

    maj 2009
  • kneebutt

    yeah, it's good and all, but I'm struggling with his voice.

    april 2009
  • AntonytCa

    Perfect song.. ( Ashes divide - too late )

    april 2009
  • ememont

    tool es lo máximo

    april 2009
  • Dzoy

    too simple for me, APC and tool much better

    april 2009
  • silviajv

    i really like this guys!!

    mars 2009
  • fe_en_el_caos

    nunca es tarde para decir algo. solo es tarde cuando no lo hayas dicho

    mars 2009
  • grungegirl341

    great feeling

    februari 2009
  • devilset666

    "I'd stay away from me........"

    februari 2009
  • senssik


    februari 2009
  • gevs_am


    januari 2009
  • VisualExtacy


    januari 2009
  • marijaana_dj

    If I could separate me from myself...so PERFECT!!!!!

    december 2008
  • rajtka

    great song but his voice misses depth unfortunatelly

    december 2008
  • nuda_zabija


    december 2008
  • Podinko


    oktober 2008
  • Hyakki

    i love this song, though i think ashes divide's only problem is the voice, lacks of passion -_-

    oktober 2008
  • Dlinton17

    Howerdel's guitar solos never fail to impress me

    augusti 2008
  • g_l_s

    this is the first track I've heard from this artist; and I must say I'm impressed

    augusti 2008
  • ryan-s

    I'm in love with this one.

    maj 2008

    un temazo por donde se mire, gran gran tema

    maj 2008
  • Scott_Green

    I love this song so much. It's my fav from the album x]

    april 2008
  • Riktenkay

    The worst song on the album in my opinion. It's still pretty good though.

    april 2008
  • miss_maleficus

    The middle 8 sounds reaaally bad.

    april 2008