Resident Advisor review: Taron-Trekka "Swing Swing" [brut! 13]


22 feb 2010, 22:46

Resident Advisor review: Taron-Trekka "Swing Swing" [brut! 13]

"White man mistake funk" is the tag on Taron Trekka's biography. Apt words. Because it sure isn't funky, it seems like there are plenty of "mistakes" and, well, dudes are white. Aside from the white thing which I have no particular opinion on, these are very good things. Daniel Müller-Sachs and Andreas Kriester's music, like the most delicious minimal techno, benefits from feelings of dislocation, unease, mistakes. " Rawing Sadda" comes out the gate with all of them, like a lumbering giant taking its first steps of the day after a long night of drinking. After it finally seems to get into a groove, you're met with plenty of sounds that may or may not appear again. That, and a voice pitched down mighty low that mutters about something.

The thing about "Rawing Sadda" and "Swing Swing", the track that follows, is that they feel incredibly slow. Although both hover around 120 BPM, the duo seem to occupy their own space, one in which you begin to lose your sense of time quite quickly. Needless to say, very few producers are capable of pulling this off, and it speaks directly to the possibilities of "white man mistake funk" that Trekka have been able to do it consistently over their past few releases. If you haven't checked these guys out yet, now's the time.

Terence Fuller (February 4, 2010)


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