[ECc045] The Nautilus Project - Natural Selections


24 maj 2012, 18:38

Artist : The Nautilus Project
Title: Natural Selections
Label: ZeECc
Release Date: 24th May 2012
Genre: Dub-techno, Techno, Minimal, Ambient
Remixers: Amfolyt, decoside, Ohrwert
Audio-Clips: The Nautilus Project - Natural Selections on Soundcloud!

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Release Infos:
Here is the Natural Selections from The Nautilus Project aka Marcel 'Nemo' Frehse, with 2 new tracks and 3 remixes from Amfolyt, decoside and Ohrwert. 'Blue Dawn', the first track of this release, goes on and on with an hypnotic tune, electrified by some strange and delayed noises, and places you just in the middle of nowhere. The second exclusive track, entitled 'Late Summer Memories', gives a more important part to nature with a long and deep introduction made of liquid or air sounds. Of course, the rest of this track has the same powerful vision of dub-techno, in the line of previous Nautilus Project releases.
For the remixes, we firstly welcome Amfolyt, a new brilliant artist from Sweden, who delivers a beautiful and minimalist dub-techno remix of 'The Last Days of November (Amfolyt Remix)'. All is here, an heavy bassline, some stirring percussions, the repetitive and light chords,... In the same way, decoside from eclipsemusic realizes the most scheming remix of 'Arctic Islands (Decoside Dub Addiction)' with force, talent and sincerity. Clearly one of the best remix produced on our label. Finally, we are absorbed in a spatial ambient version of 'Iceberg (Ohrwert Floatation Alter)' reinterpreted by Ohwert (Other Heights, Field Records) who seems to clearly know what ice fields and vast white areas are. For sure, deeper is better !

DJ Feedbacks:
Marco Carola (Music On) The Nautilus Project Arctic Islands (Decoside Dub Addiction) for me. Will try, thanks.
Marco Effe (Break New Soil / Sci Tec / Ce´cille) Really Good music!! Thanks!. Wow, I love it!
Someone Else (Foundsound, Little Helpers) dub addiction. Will try, thanks.
Paco Osuna (Mindshake/Plus 8) downloaded thank you :). Nice release, full support!
Federsen (Silent Season, Pong, Deeper Meaning) Very sonically rich production, All tracks are strong but Decoside Dub is a real standout for me.. Nice release, full support!
Usmev (Resopal, Dubhe, Metro) Amfolyt remix for me, but the whole release is so cool. Thanks, will play for sure!
Angel Molina (Sonar) always into this label. thanks. . Wow, I love it!
Mihai Popoviciu (Highgrade) Thanks, will play for sure!
Alexi Delano (Plus 8) Nice release, full support!
Nicola Martorano (Suara Hotfingers Abstract Theory) Originals are awesome !!! Thx. Nice release, full support!

Exclusive Distributor: Decoder Muzique
2012 ZeECc
ZeECc on SoundCloud


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