[ECc041] The Nautilus Project - Operations LP (Digital & Double CD)


10 dec 2011, 13:05

Artist : The Nautilus Project
Title: Operations LP
Label: ZeECc
Release Date: 08th December 2011
Remixers: Quantec, Teemu T., Grad_U
Genre: Dub-techno, Techno, Minimal, Ambient
Audio-Clips: The Nautilus Project - Operations LP on Soundcloud!

Digital release is now purchasable on: Beatport, What People Play, Juno Download, Digital Tunes, Trax Source, Mixmag Download, Satellite Records, Dance-Tunes, iTunes, E-Music and more...

Double CD Digipack Edition is available on www.ZeECc.com

Again, Marcel 'Nemo' Frehse is on board, under The Nautilus Project moniker, for his second full length album on ZeECc. Composed in Germany, this new 'Operations LP' contains 15 tracks, and 3 of which are remixed tracks by Sven Schienhammer with his Quantec project (Echocord, Styrax Records, Meanwhile, ...), by Teemu T (Instabil) and by Grad_U. Strongly influenced by sounds of the 80s and by artists like Fluxion or Vladislav Delay, this artist prefers to deliver long and hypnotic tracks. Rarely under 8 minutes, he lets the time to atmospheres to grow up and to dive listeners into deep and dark aquatic zones. In this way, listen 'Deep Side (Direct Dub)', 'Hold Out in Mid-Ocean', 'Coded Orders (Dangerous Dub)' or 'Nightwalker (A Dark Chapter Dub)' to be captivated. Also interested by acid, ambient and dark-electro, the musical panorama of this album is not just limited to deep or dub-techno. And with 'Operator On Duty (Commander Dub)', 'Back from a Diving Trip' or 'Water Surface (Refraction Dub)', this new underwater exploration is just rich and complete. At the same time uncluttered and dynamic, you will navigate on stirring waves during more than 2 hours.

DJs Feedbacks:
Stuart McMillian / Slam (Soma) Sounds nice for our Monopod will check it out better once downloaded.. Nice release, full support!
Paco Osuna (Mindshake/Plus 8) downloaded thank you :). Thanks, will play for sure!
usmev (Resopal Schallware) amazing package, thanks!. Wow, I love it!
Paul Synth (Desertica Records / Amoeba Label) Great story through this wonderful playlist. Thanks!. Wow, I love it!
Frank Leicher (Level Non Zero) Thanks, will play for sure!
Robin Ball (Socialeyes - samurai.fm) Very good lp. Nice variations of deep techno! I would like wavs please.. Nice release, full support!
Paolo Belli (Energy Production) another masterpiece on ZeECc...will hear this for hours. Wow, I love it!
Alex / Dr.Zoldberg (http://www.electrosound.tv) Powerful release! Full support!!! Downloading for electrosound.tv - thank you. Wow, I love it!
Supagroove (Sintetics BCN / Ideal Clubworld Radio UK) Hold Out In Mid Ocean is ace... DL to listen to in full length... what a great release though! full support. Wow, I love it!
Baldo (Neovinyl / Good Ratio Music) not really my style but amazing production here! Quantec remix is dope!. Will try, thanks.

Exclusive Digital Distributor: Decoder Muzique
2011 ZeECc
ZeECc on SoundCloud


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