New Pains of Being Pure At Heart EP and Devon Williams 7" out now


15 sep 2009, 13:43

Another week, and two more fresh Slumberland releases for you! Vacations? We don't need no vacations!

||||| The Pains of Being Pure At Heart release new four-song EP |||||
Not content to rest on the laurels of having one of the best and most talked-about albums of 2009, The Pains of Being Pure At Heart are back with "Higher Than The Stars," four brand-new songs that do what the band does best – breathe fresh life into indie-pop with exuberance, charm and of course quality tunes.

From the New Wave-flavored bliss of "Higher Than The Stars" to the crashing power-pop of new live favorite "Twins," this EP is both a perfect summation of what The Pains are all about and a signpost to the future. Fizzy noise-pop is present and correct in the form of "103," and the band switches gears a bit for the brooding 80s-esque "Falling Over." Capping things off we have a series of remixes from Saint Etienne, DJ Downfall, Skanfrom and Others In Conversation. We were thrilled to hear how these producers remodeled the Pains' originals and hope you will be too. You can go to the EP info page for a complete break-down of the track-listings on all the formats. Take note, the remix-only 12" is running late and will NOT be available until October 6.

more info and mp3s:

||||| Welcome to Slumberland, Devon Williams |||||
LA-based musician Devon Williams released one of our favorite records of 2008 in the form of the brilliant Carefree. Demonstrating a knack for crafting timeless pop that's equal parts Brill Building and Topanga Canyon, Williams hearkened back to great songwriters like Nilsson, Chilton, Downes and Westerberg. Buoyed by Wall of Sound production, economical arrangements and a wealth of 12-string jangle, "Carefree" is a perfect pop record in the truest sense, a record bursting with melody that rewards repeated listens.

Now we're quite excited to welcome Devon to the Slumberland family with "Sufferer," a taster for his upcoming Slumberland album. "Sufferer" is another Williams future-classic, instantly memorable and charming with its driving elegance, the chorused and reverb-laden guitars reminiscent of mid-period Cure or perhaps the power-pop of Tommy Keene or Let's Active. On the flip, "Who Cares About Forever" also impresses, a slow-dance simmer with a wonderful melody and soaring, spare guitar jangle.

more info and mp3s:

||||| Other new releases |||||
Hey, don't forget to pick up these other new releases from the last few weeks:

>> Brown Recluse - The Soft Skin 12" - Pastoral, psychedelic pop that fits in snugly with Curt Boettcher, Margo Guryan, The Clientele and Elephant 6. Features "Night Train" and "Contour and Context." (

>> Sic Alps - L. Mansion 7" - 60s-flavored fuzz and crackle from the Sic Alps garage. Two ace folk/beat hip-swingers, including a cover of Donovan's "Superlungs." (

>> The Pains of Being Pure At Heart - Come Saturday 7" - Timeless noisy pop from Brooklyn's amazing Pains. Huge guitars and catchy melodies mark this as one of THE tunes of 2009. Features the non-lp tune "Side Ponytail" on the flip. (

>> Searching For The Now 5 7" - Our Searching For The Now series continues with this excellent all-Swedish edition. The note-perfect C86 girl-pop of Liechtenstein makes a great complement for the feedback-driven buzz-pop of The Faintest Ideas on the flip. Three great songs on cream/black swirl vinyl. (

>> Searching For The Now 6 7" - Slumberland's popular Searching For The Now split single series continues to fire on all cylinders with this excellent UK pairing. On the a-side we find Welsh pop mavens The School, with a smashing cover of late Left Banke tune "And Suddenly." George Washington Brown creates pastoral, psychedelic power-pop, and his two songs on this split single are brand new and exclusive. Pressed on grey/black swirl vinyl. (

||||| A note about PayPal |||||
We are aware that the PayPal shopping cart no longer shows all the countries when estimating postage for the order. PayPal is aware of the issue but has not given any timetable for fixing it. In the meantime, you should be able to just click "Proceed to Checkout," enter your credentials normally and complete your purchase. If this does NOT work please let us know!

||||| new podcast from Sarandon's Crayola |||||
Crayola from Sarandon has rather eclectic musical tastes at the best of times, but when stricken with swine flu you can only imagine what his fevered brain would cook up. His new PIGSICK podcast is journey into pop, post-punk and noise inspired by The Fall and extreme fever. Sort of the same thing, I guess.
listen now:

||||| coming soon |||||
Over the next several weeks we'll be having a 7" single explosion. On the schedule we have a four-song EP from NZ pop legends The Bats, a split single featuring Sarandon and The Membranes, a fine single from Razorcuts' Gregory Webster, and finally the debut solo single from Crystal Stilts' Frankie Rose. Farther into the fall we shift back into LP mode with Brilliant Colors' debut album and a brand new LP from our Bostonian heroes Pants Yell!. Phew!

||||| Twentieth Anniversary shows |||||
It's awfully hard to believe that Slumberland has been around for almost twenty years now. When we started I couldn't imagine doing much more than putting out a few singles, and now here we are over 100 releases later and still chugging along. To help us celebrate this cool milestone, we're putting together a series of shows in November that will take place in two or three US cities and include an impressive roster of Slumberland bands both old and new. These shows are going to be pretty special, so please keep an eye on our blog ( for more info soon.

Until next time-
Ma, Pa and Theo Slumber


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