New song on our "growing compilation"; also on Twitter!


12 aug 2009, 23:19

We wanted to let everyone know we're still alive, and the best way to prove that is by adding another wonderful song to our "growing compilation"!

It's by Ryusuke Ikeda, aka ryu. & ryuuusuke. It's called nwo_130809

So far here's who else has contributed to the compilation:
a smile for timbuctu Alterior Archetypewriter Captainmarmalade Edmond Leprince ipaghost Iqtu Jerohme Spye Leoparden Minusbaby paddyhuekums! Pear Eyes RENEGADE ANDROiD Silencide The Flashbulb Thiaz Itch

It's free to download, visit our main page !

We're expecting a new song from pottsq within a few days, so stay check back for more additions!

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