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  • Tahula

    Synthesizer fans & lovers & addicts are all welcomed! http://www.last.fm/group/Synthesizer

    juli 2013
  • rodrix007

    Well, if you like Unknown Pleasures by Joy Division, join... http://www.last.fm/group/Unknown+Pleasures ;)

    januari 2009
  • StewartIsMe

    helped some bands become as famous as they were. i salute factory!

    november 2008
  • Gconscious

    One of the first branded labels. They set a standard that will be emulated forever.

    oktober 2008
  • Chucklebuck

    It's a shame he died before I could get to meet him. Having watched and read a fair few things on Factory Records, the man has become a hero/idol to me. The music world's not the same without him.

    april 2008
  • peteypoo

    R.I.P. Mr Wilson. Another dead hero.

    augusti 2007
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