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Ledare: Dr_Seussicide och ShmapnShmazz
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Skapad den: 27 feb 2011

those moments will stay where they lay r.i.p xcxoxgxcx shmapns junior year(?) - what ever day it is today i lose track of it all now

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  • loccer

    being a guild member requires activity that doesn't just involve late night drug taking with menno or boasting about how you've slept with an african exchange student

    22 nov 08:00 Svara
  • maxxy

    ... soon to be forever

    22 nov 00:11 Svara
  • Aasivaisv

    im a long time member. you didnt think id last a year. its almost been 2.

    21 nov 19:32 Svara
  • ShmapnShmazz

    everyone be nice to maxxypad

    21 nov 14:58 Svara
  • ShmapnShmazz

    good save menno

    21 nov 14:58 Svara
  • HeMont

    Don't be sad maxxy.

    21 nov 04:49 Svara
  • HeMont

    Awwww, that's so caring Menno. :)

    21 nov 04:47 Svara
  • maxxy

    Feelings hurt...

    21 nov 04:46 Svara

    it's just that everyone acts as if they've been long time members, so I think maybe it's someone i know with a new account or something... no rudeness intended.

    20 nov 22:35 Svara
  • HeMont

    Years ago seeing deafheaven on top would have been so impressive.

    19 nov 16:07 Svara
  • Dr_Seussicide

    I was gonna say the charts aren't that bad right now but I only like three things in it

    19 nov 08:16 Svara
  • ShmapnShmazz

    menno's role in the guild is to question everyone who steps foot in here

    18 nov 23:05 Svara

    who is maxxy?

    17 nov 19:08 Svara
  • loccer

    If what shmapthan says is true then use your okay guy powers to manipulate the girl into feeling worthless and being dependant on you. if the police gets involved tell them I said it's okay

    17 nov 18:18 Svara
  • maxxy

    They leave sooner than the strong ones...

    17 nov 12:49 Svara
  • ShmapnShmazz

    date more weak willed girls

    17 nov 09:06 Svara
  • maxxy

    She was so beautiful and strong...

    17 nov 06:44 Svara
  • ShmapnShmazz

    lol maxxy is in that group victim of a down owns. nobarbell must be talking about us again.

    17 nov 06:22 Svara
  • ShmapnShmazz

    does this girl know how you honestly seem like an okay guy when you're not insulting people or going out of your way to be offensive. The discourse over the past couple of days has been mostly pleasant

    17 nov 06:15 Svara
  • loccer

    I miss emily. she was such a nice british gal

    17 nov 05:52 Svara
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