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under 100 listeners We support artists around the world that have under 100 listeners and then we drop them at 101. Sounds cruel?...

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The Listed - All Noticed Under 100 Listeners on Tag
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This is a group solely to promote underdog artists via the tag radio station of all listenable artists that are , created by silverlage with the vision that an accessible and easy way to listen to new artists in one easy click in this group.

If you would like to help in anyway, the least you can do is to bring the artist that is and is playable via last.fm to our attention. We then will tag the suggested artists with the tag and encourage all our other members to do the same.

After the artists reach 100 they are passed over to the previously under 100 thread where by they are then un-tagged from the station all together.

It is a great way for up and coming artists either given to us by the artist or by a devotee of their music to promote their creativity, excellence and music qualities

Rules For Entry

Rules for the entry into the The Listed - All Noticed Under 100 Listeners on Tag.

1) The artist needs to have at least one track that is free to either listen to or download on last.fm, spotify or any other software that is scrobbable to last.fm.

2) They must be under 100 listeners

3) Albums are allowed for promotions but please put these to a minium if they are from higher than 100 listeners artists.


We currently have several ways of promoting your music, and the most easy way to find out if we have not got your artist you participate in or are a fan of is here in our listed (edition 2) which lists all artists that have been tagged as under 100 listeners.

  1. First, the radio is one way we promote your artist

  2. Second, our connections and list will serve your artist(s).

  3. Thirdly, our sevices also will provide regular magazines. (See below)


This is to collect artists that have been connected to our group or recently suggested to us. The first couple of journals however, will be filling all the old connected and added to our Comprehensive Under 100 Listeners 'LISTED' thread.

Please check the journals below:




Promotion for indie labels which promote under 100 artists in their rooster

Click for more information

Let Us know your feedback on the group or anything else!

Partners with Under 2000 Listeners

Sisters with cooperative tagging

under 100 listeners was the first to start the subculture of 'under # listeners'

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