stop tagging shitty dance tracks as 'techno'

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Skapad den: 17 jan 2008
yeah, we're fed up with 'techno' tag here

Reasons for creating this group:

1. Most of the techno haters think, that it's a kitchy, dance music, played on TV station such as Viva. Although usually it's just a voice of sixteen-year-old Nirvana lovers, it hurts the reputation of our music.

2. Some of the tags came from the people, who are listening to this kind of music (Crazy Frog, Aquagen, etc.). Let's persuade them, that their crappy music for teenagers won't get better just by tagging it as a 'techno'.

3. Come on, how can they juxtapose with ?

Wanna help?

1. Join this group.

2. Keep your '' tag clean.

3. Use a '' tag for all the dance crap, that you will find. Don't be forgiving - this is a real war :)

4. Spread this information to other people. Every converted person counts :)

5. We're connected, we're togehter :
To nie jest kurwa techno - (Especially for polish users)
We Fight For Techno
We Promote Electronic Music !
W muzyce szukam muzyki, nie przekazu.

~~Electro Wave~~

6. Please use this userbar on forums:

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