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Skapad den: 23 jun 2006
group for people who wanna always stay tuned to positive, morning and uplifting psychedelic music. music that associates with warm and open conditions of mind, nature peace and love....

This group was planned as a place to connect people who are in love with psychedelic magic of trance music. For those who fond of vacations at peaceful places all around the nature. For all of you who want to share their minds with each other to open whole new ranges of consciousness. To find better living through feelings and impressions. We are trying to fill this community with nice content that will be interesting to all of you. And we going to do it with love and by using all tools. Just come here from time to time to pick news from forum, journal and shoutbox. Some nice music & additional stuff is always waiting for you kindly visit. Hope you'll be satisfied by our content... anyway, be nice and stay tuned!

our group here at is not connected to any particular country cause we dont want to prize anyone above the others. we hope to be all united here: we happy to see you in our group no matter from where you are. we just like psy-music and nature. we like openair mood and we are all from different parts of our beloved world!

below you can see russian cyrilic text that repeats same words.

нам бы не хотелось связывать деятельность группы с конкретной страной. мы вполне космополитичны и хотим, чтобы наша группа была домом для всех нас, людей из разных стран и уголоков нашего чудесного мира. ведь это абсолютно не важно откуда мы - главное, чтобы нам было хорошо вместе, чтобы мы разделяли друг с другом любовь к псай-музыке, природе и настроению "открытого воздуха".

please mind our friends at

the place for very interesting and unusual kabbalah music

its a group dedicated to famous chill-project Solar Fields

its a group dedicated to famous chill-project Carbon Based Lifeforms

its a group dedicated to psychedelic music of all types and sorts

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