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peripheral music pushes and blurs boundaries, and has at least one foot firmly outside the mainstream.

peripheral music comes from many directions:
experimental, jazz, electronica, avant-garde, ambient, glitch, lo-fi, sound collage, rock, classical, world, etc.

peripheral music is music that appeals to adventurous, open-minded listeners. it might employ traditional forms, or it might be "free form". some of it is "accessible" and some of it may be "difficult" - but it generally stops short of things that are just difficult and nothing else.

peripheral music is also associated with but not limited to the artists of the peripheral music quasi-netlabel:
dadala, Jopy, PcOnTrApTiOn, Michael Chocholak, RDunlap, Phenotypo, ifal and The Dunlaps.

Peripheral Stations:
> peripheral music tag radio
> peripheral group artist-members
> artists associated with the peripheral music label
> dadala radio (dadala's similar artists)

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