i listen to "real emo", so i'm better than you

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Skapad den: 26 aug 2009
you only wish you were as good as me at listening to obscure music.

listening to "real emo" makes me better than you even though it takes less than 60 seconds for anyone to search for a "real emo" band on google and download their entire discography. yes, even my 10 year old niece could enjoy the greatness that is "real emo" if she felt the need. she hasn't yet though, making me considerably better than her.

obviously, my ability to download obscure shit from some random blog with a witty title puts me well above you as far as music taste goes. you should be ashamed of yourself for being worse than me at listening to obscure music. shame. shame on you and your entire family.

also, this is a serious group. treat it as such or lose the privilege of using it. if you want to act like a fool, take yourself elsewhere. we do not need you here nor do we want you here.

finally, this group has a complex set of rules. rules which i will not post here. i will simply inform you once you've broken one, and punish you accordingly.

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