• Azureflux - Piko Piko Stereo

    23 okt 2014, 20:54 av psenough

    enrmp360 - Azureflux - Piko Piko Stereo

    8bit album by Portuguese project Azureflux. Artwork by iloveu.

    download link
  • Projekt Klangform - Character-E / Traumwelt RMX

    21 okt 2014, 16:07 av psenough

    enrmp359 - Projekt Klangform - Character-E / Traumwelt RMX

    Bridging techno, idm and industrial electronic sounds, in 2010 several projects from the German collective [Esc.] Laboratory did a series of remixes for Projekt Klangform. This album is the result.
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  • The Kut – ‘I Want You Maniac’ (Out Now on Criminal Records) - Halloween Single

    20 okt 2014, 19:35 av criminalrecords

    The Kut – ‘I Want You Maniac’ (Out Now on Criminal Records)

    Listen now! Make your own mind up: http://www.last.fm/music/The+Kut/I+Want+You+Maniac
    I Want You Maniac
    If you like it please give it a heart <3

    Produced by James LeRock Loughrey (Skindred / White Zombie / Sonic Boom Six / My Vitriol), The Kut -‘I Want You Maniac’ is an upbeat, grunge fused horror-rock track taken from the bands forthcoming EP. As a quick follow up to their ‘Make Up’ EP, it has been good news that the band is back in the studio so soon, especially given what spanned a near 3 year hiatus.

    Front-woman Maha spoke about the single, shortly after the news they’d been confirmed on the Camden Nightmare Festival line up today… “We’ve always wanted to put out a Halloween single, it’s always been our rock Christmas, and I Want You Maniac was the right track for us to celebrate it with... It’s been awesome working with James in the studio again, and the video was a lot of fun to make as well… We envisioned it as a zombie version of pet cemetery, it’s a bit scary”

    Forthcoming Dates
    Fri 31st Oct: Halloween Special, The Lincoln Imp, Scunthorpe
    Sat 1st Nov: Nightmare Festival, (Proud Camden), London
    Mon 10th Nov: The Black Heart, Camden, London

    The Kut: Biography
    Inspired by bands like Deftones, L7, Hole, Incubus, Placebo, Nirvana, Faith No More and others, The Kut are a London basement rock trio formed from the alternative scene. Having been voted into in the winning spots for MTV UK Brand New Unsigned 2014 Poll, the recent ‘Make Up’ EP was produced by James LeRock Loughrey (Skindred / White Zombie / My Vitriol / Page & Plant / Def Leppard), featuring 3 brand new tracks plus 2 previous releases ‘DMA’ and ‘Closure’. The latest offering, ‘I Want You Maniac’ ties some of those tracks together, combining elements of horror pop with their grunge rock sound. Recently joined by ex-Riot Squad drummer, Violet, on drums, the band are due to release their new EP in Spring 2015.

    This year the band’s first EP, ‘Make Up’ saw dark and emotive tracks like ‘No Trace’ into the Scuzz Most Wanted Rock Chart, alongside bands like Paramore, Green Day - as well as playlisted on their 'All-Stars of Rock Show'. The single was also supported by Alex Baker on Kerrang! Radio and picked up by BBC Introducing in Lancashire and Oxford. This lead to The Kut being invited in for a BBC Introducing live set, where they performed a 4 song set live from the Blackburn studios. The video was play listed on Putpat TV (Germany, Switzerland, Austria) and featured by Vevo, with a number of USA stations also including the track.

    Most recent single ‘Mario’, was supported by Scuzz TV on their ‘Huge Rock Anthems’ show, as well as Putpat TV and BBC Introducing Lancashire, just ahead of the release. The band’s previous video, ‘Closure’ was playlisted on Sub TV, Tuune and NME TV (Radar), whilst their first ever video ‘DMA’ (aka Doesn’t Matter Anyway) was added to 16 USA cable channels on the Bongo Boy Rock n Roll Show this May. The band has also had a number of tracks playlisted at the major UK clubs including Club NME and Medication. Previous shows include London 2012 Olympics and the Paralympics, and a sold out UK tour. In 2013 the band performed DJ sets for Kerrang! Klub, London and a string of 14 dates on the Club Criminal tour.

    ‘I Want You Maniac’ available now at http://thekut.bandcamp.com

    http://www.thekut.co.uk | @thekutgirlsrock |http://www.facebook.com/thekutgirlsrock | http://youtube.com/TheKutVEVO

    Kerrang! Magazine
    “Despite the loud Courtney love references they’re more than just Hole II. Mario has an Against Me! Strut to the intro, while DMA is a pounding gem”

    Metal Mouth
    “If they can fulfill their early promise, then The Kut could end up being a big name in no time at all.” 8/10

    “Heavy guitar, banging drums, dirty crisp vocals and a whole of attitude… the NMS would like to welcome The Kut to the party … without a shadow of a doubt they’re on the ascendancy! ”

    Hit The Floor Magazine
    “[No Trace] epitomises the girls’ influences from the likes of Nirvana and Incubus, displaying their no messing around approach to modern day grunge and taking us back to the early 90′s, where grunge rock was at it’s best!”

    Bristol Live Magazine
    “If Deftones and Hole had a little baby they’d probably sound like The Kut”

    Tasty Fanzine
    “‘Mario’ has guitar hook similar to Trey Spruance era Faith No More and an awesome ending. ‘Closure’ and ‘DMA’ are equally noteworthy and the whole EP is impressively polished. Bravo The Kut.” 7/10

    SWNK Magazine
    “No Trace, the opening song on The Kut’s Make up EP, has a big chance of being the most played song this summer. Awesome stuff!”

    Alt Dialog
    “It’s almost as if Soundgarden and Hole were put into a blender with The Kut being the result.”

    Ultimate Underground
    “They are equal parts L7 and bands like Placebo. They even show influences of Nirvana without being a retread and falling prey to the familiar.”

    Seba-Rashii Culture
    “When we first heard The Kut, we knew that the London based trio were going to be worth keeping a careful ear on. Our patience has been rewarded with the release of the Make Up E.P!”

    Uproar Webzine
    “Known for their enthusiasm and uncontrollable energy on stage, The Kut have created quite a crazy fan base who as you would expect are ecstatic over the release of their new EP, Make Up.”

    Peek-a-boo Magazine
    “The Kut present a sonic collage that evokes everything that made the 1990’s alternative rock scene such a beautifully broken beast”

    Blast Out Your Stereo
    “Grunge trio, The Kut have released a brand new music video for their song, “Mario,” which is off their upcoming EP, Make Up.. Trust me, you’ll be singing along to this number for a while (if you aren’t already).”

    Mistree Magazine
    “Mario” is 90s alternative rock at it’s very best. It is gritty and heavy, with chugging riffs and thudding percussion.”

    Palace of Rock
    “There are moments when the all female rock band The Kut sounds like Courtney Love´s Hole… But there are also moments when this London trio bring thoughts to a heavier The Bangles like “Mario”, I guess you can call it grunge pop.”

    Backseat Mafia
    “The rock girl trio based in London have not long since visited my hometown’s longest running live music venue The Lincoln Imp. I went to see them live and they rocked the room with their melodic tracks, long metal hair shaking and rock stances.”

    Criminal Records is the lovechild of a talented group of nutters who work tirelessly to seek and represent the best live and recording acts. Visit our website and sign up for a free membership to keep updated on all the latest gigs, bands, releases and label news.

    Also find us online at:
  • God is Sulking

    12 okt 2014, 20:05 av amitsc

    God is sulking up above,
    And shocked at this sad end,
    Of his biggest work of love,
    That He can never mend.

    Deep below the surface lies,
    A kingdom lost to time;
    Silent now, once full of cries,
    Of a royalty in its prime.

    Come to me and dig me out,
    I want to be set free;
    Feels so weak, I cannot shout,
    These rats are bugging me.

    I’m not sleepy in my tomb,
    With worms infesting me;
    Starving till they call it doom,
    My soul is not yet free.

    Every soul a slave of mine,
    I used to be their boss;
    Dined in glory, gold, and wine,
    Now feeding on chaos.

    Morbid are the ways of life,
    And morbid is its end;
    Morbid as a naked knife,
    Your fate cannot amend.

    God is sulking up above,
    And watching in confusion;
    As his biggest work of love,
    Is now just an illusion!
  • Smart Eclectic Group: 2014-10 Final Results

    5 okt 2014, 14:23 av Ataraxiainc

  • DJ Wook / Sci Fi Industries - Detailed Knack

    5 okt 2014, 13:20 av psenough

    enrmp358 - DJ Wook / Sci Fi Industries - Detailed Knack

    Split mixtape album of DJ Wook and Sci Fi Industries in similar electronica style. This is co-released with Thisco Records, they have limited edition tapes available! Cover photo by Lesley Young.

    download link
  • NEWS: Babbie Mason Radio Launches Online

    28 sep 2014, 13:49 av puremusic4ever

    Babbie Mason Radio

    Building on a life-long foundation of ministry and music, Babbie Mason has created Babbie Mason Radio, an on-line hub where the music and the ministries of Christian indie artists around the globe are celebrated. Babbie Mason Radio showcases the songs and the life-stories of Christian indie artists alongside their peers on a unique music platform, giving them access to a global listening audience. On the web 24/7 since the fall of 2014, Babbie Mason Radio features your favorite Contemporary Christian, Urban Gospel, Christian Indie Music, and Gospel Music Classics, all in a format that is exciting, encouraging, informative, family friendly and God-honoring. Babbie Mason Radio endeavors to broadcast uplifting music, providing a place on the internet where one can find the message of hope at the click of a button.
  • Top FIve Mike Patton albums

    23 mar 2011, 19:03 av grimmless

  • Aires / Rui P. Andrade / Earthly Beasts - Split

    26 sep 2014, 13:25 av psenough

    enrmp357 - Aires / Rui P. Andrade / Earthly Beasts - Split

    Split album of experimental dark ambient by Portuguese projects Aires, Rui P. Andrade and Earthly Beasts. Artwork by Mafalda Melim.

    download link
  • Aires / Rui P. Andrade / Earthly Beasts - Split

    26 sep 2014, 13:25 av psenough

    enrmp357 - Aires / Rui P. Andrade / Earthly Beasts - Split

    Split album of experimental dark ambient by Portuguese projects Aires, Rui P. Andrade and Earthly Beasts. Artwork by Mafalda Melim.

    download link