• Meet the first single from Mister Sir's debut concept work "Sleep"!

    24 mar 2015, 06:28 av mistersirband

    The song is available for streaming here:

    The album is available for pre-ordering here:

    Memoirs of a Lucid Dreaming Practitioner. Part I
    Sleep onset, the first stage of NREM sleep.
    One of the most unusual experiences at this stage is the maintaining of consciousness during the transition from waking state to dormant state. Seconds after hypnic jerks, which serve as a signal from the motor part of the nervous system about somewhat maintaining a control over the body, comes the paralysis, and the consciousness disconnects from reality, switching off to “sleep mode.” But if you keep the consciousness after the jerk, you can witness the process of transition to sleep “with your own eyes”. With your own mind, to be more accurate, because by virtue of the inevitable paralysis you won’t even be able to open your eyelids. Right after the paralysis you might even get soreness in the head and your whole body. It seems as if your brain gets suddenly imposed to a swelling current for 5-10 seconds at first and then to a decreasing one. We shall call each period of such increases and decreases in soreness “an impulse.” On the morrow of two or three impulses painful sensations pass off and the consciousness finally enters a dream relieved. However, in the middle of every impulse a drowsy person, whilst being helpless and paralyzed, gets anxious and in a cold sweat. Modern medicine insures that all of these fears are groundless, and sleep paralysis is harmless. But nevertheless you wonder every time: “What if I don’t wake up in the morning?”

    The Nightmare, by Henry Fuseli (1781) is thought to be one of the classic depictions of sleep paralysis perceived as a demonic visitation.
  • sarah mclachlan saved dmc’s life

    22 mar 2015, 07:50 av annaoj

    i read an article about dmc’s story when i was in high school
    serendipity poured into my mind

    dmc also told his story at the moth last year [15 minutes]

    when run-dmc was on tour in europe
    darryl mcdaniels fell into depression and became suicidal

    darryl was grateful for his family and career
    but he was so depressed that nothing mattered
    except the void inside him

    something was missing from his life
    just couldn’t figure out what it was
    “why am i here
    why am i so unhappy”

    1997 he left the airport and decided
    he would kill himself when he got home

    the driver asked him if he wanted to listen to music
    he turned on the radio
    sarah mclachlan’s “angel” was playing

    when darryl heard that song
    something inside him said
    “life is beautiful. it’s good to be alive.”

    it saved his life
    he went home and bought her entire discography
    and listened to her every day for a year

    at the end of the year
    his manager asked him to go to a grammy party hosted by clive davis
    but he didn’t want to
    he just wanted to listen to sarah mclachlan

    his manager convinced him to go
    darryl said he only wanted to stay for an hour
    he really didn’t wanna be there
    until someone walked in

    it was sarah mclachlan
    she was signed to arista records which was founded by clive davis

    now darryl was freaking out
    he went over to meet her
    and right away she told him she’s a fan of run-dmc
    she liked “it’s tricky”

    he told her that she saved his life
    she shook his hand
    “thank you for telling me that darryl because that's what music is supposed to do”

    3 years later he started writing his autobiography
    he wanted the details about his birth
    so he called his parents

    at age 35 darryl mcdaniels learned he was adopted

    “sarah mclachlan's record --angel-- kept me alive so i could live another three years and find out that i was adopted. that was the missing piece to my existence”

    i thought this happy ending couldn’t be a fancier unicorn but i was wrong

    darryl wanted to record a song with her
    a twist on harry chapin’s “cat’s in the cradle”
    that could inspire people the way she inspired him

    he called her and told her that he just found out he was adopted
    she invited him over to her house in canada

    when they finished recording the song
    sarah mclachlan told him she was adopted too


    their song “just like me”

    darryl told a short version of his story during an interview with sarah mclachlan

    article from 06

    darryl met his birth mother and made a documentary/vh1 rock doc
    dmc: my adoption journey
    it won an emmy for outstanding arts & culture programming
  • music is the key to empathy

    11 mar 2015, 21:49 av annaoj

    empathy is the light in humanity
    i want to feel more of it every day

    music showed me how
    all these songs are a collection of people’s memories
    and they resonate with me because

    i feel things you have felt before
    and if i haven’t felt it
    i want to understand it
    because i want to understand you
    because i care about you
    even though i know i will never meet see or speak to you

    i want to make a vested effort
    to stop invalidating people’s feelings
    because i have no barometer for your pain
    i will never fully understand the context of your life

    when i catch myself judging people
    i must wave those thoughts away

    when people treat me badly
    i must remind myself that there is a greater source of pain in their lives
    from the past or present
    this is not who they really are

    we were not born with this anger and hatred
    we learned it

    i was a disgusting child filled with anger
    and took it out on innocent people
    already a psychopath at age 5

    my behavior was sickening
    i did things to people that fill me with regret
    i hope that they forgot
    but i know that it’s somewhere in their minds

    violence never leaves you
    terror is vivid

    once someone has woven violence into your life
    even if you manage to rip out all the seams
    there will still be stitch marks left
    holes remain there forever

    sometimes it seems impossible but
    we can let our hatred rest
    instead of feeding ourselves rage and bitterness

    anger tarnished my mind
    it is too much to carry
    violence breeds violence

    i don’t want to be part of this cycle anymore

    empathy will lead the way

  • there’s safety in music that doesn’t exist in reality

    10 mar 2015, 23:49 av annaoj

    why is it only socially acceptable to express our strongest emotions
    when they’re under the guise of art

    why have there been so many hit songs on the radio
    about grief and depression
    that we can sing along to and it’s fine
    but if you just talk about it then suddenly something is wrong with you
    you need to see a *professional*

    if you tell people you listen to death metal
    no one is going to say you need help
    but if you tell them you think about death
    people will direct you to a stranger on the phone

    fear and shame wrap around me
    suffocating me right at the moment i want to speak the most

  • BREAKING NEWS: Karen Clark Sheard releases her new single March 24, 2015!!!

    10 mar 2015, 23:46 av puremusic4ever

    The legendary Karen Clark Sheard releases her new single March 24, 2015!!!! Will be available on I-tunes!!!! Make sure you be on the lookout for it!!! This is one powerful voice!!! Great music!!! ‪#‎GospelArtistEnt‬ ‪#‎KarewRecords‬ ‪#‎TheClarkSisters‬ ‪#‎KCS‬

    Source: https://www.facebook.com/gospelartistent/photos/a.336498936542000.1073741829.327749027416991/368584583333435/?type=1&theater
  • jewel was homeless for a year when she was 18

    10 mar 2015, 03:11 av annaoj

    a few years ago i met a man who was homeless - living in his car

    he would come into the store that i worked at and sit on the couch
    the manager was chill she didn’t mind

    he brought a johnny rockets breakfast combo inside
    and gave his pomeranian the scrambled eggs

    jewel’s --standing still-- started playing on the store radio
    and we talked about how she used to be homeless

    her boss was sexually harassing her
    she said no
    he fired her

    she had to live in her car while she played gigs
    i wonder what her life was like that year
    before she got a record deal

    it bothers me that i can’t remember his name
    and have branded him in my mind as .that homeless guy.
    i think his name might be steve
    i hope i am right
    i hope he and his dog are still healthy

    i think of him when i listen to -standing still-

  • ATTENDING ONLINE SERVICE: Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church

    8 mar 2015, 14:35 av puremusic4ever

    I am attending the online church service of the Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church in Philadelphia, PA right now.

    The link is http://enontab.org.s180519.gridserver.com
  • 150,000+ plays and some musings

    1 mar 2015, 22:36 av garynotrashcoug

    The other night, quietly and with very little fanfare I passed 150,000 plays on Last.fm. Pretty much one year from the day that I passed my 100,000 milestone. It's amazing to me to think that I listened to 50,000 tracks in a year, but that's only half the story. That's not including stuff I heard on the radio, live performances, friends playing music when visiting their houses, watching something on youtube which I didn't scrobble, things I heard then deleted from my scrobble history because I hated them so much.... It's amazing how much music fills your life without really trying, much less when you're like me and have music going almost around the clock.

    I love Last.fm and as I've said in the past, it's sort of like "my facebook". Other people let facebook occupy much of their time and it becomes a big part of their lives. Last.fm is like that for me and the very ephemeral nature of the internet makes me worry about what I'll do if it ever disappears. I'll live, certainly and there are far worse things which can go wrong in life, but I suppose it is a dear hobby of mine and a great resource for discovering new music and connecting with other music fans. It also satisfies my oddly exhibitionist nature when it comes to my music collection and listening habits. I can't really explain it, much less understand it but I've always been this way. Music has been a big part of my life since I was very young and I suppose that, combined with whatever twisted miasma lies deep in my psyche causes it to manifest that way.

    I also mull over the fate of Last.fm since it seems like so many longstanding third party developers and website are disappearing. Tools I used to enjoy and often employee in these journal entries such as McKillaboy's badges and lastlabs. These are additonal tools which utilize Last.fm's API and it seems like they just aren't interested or are jumping ship for other reasons. Sure, it costs money to re-register a domain every year, maintain a server, etc, but the fact that they aren't even trying anymore leads me to believe that they may have succumbed to their consensus that Last.fm is dying. There still are a lot of people using this site and a lot of people supporting it (despite all the other users who do nothing but complain). This post in particular hints that Last.fm's developers have "big things" in store on the horizon. Fingers crossed, ever hopeful. I am grateful for the few third party developers who have stuck around, like Last.fm Tools (see below).

    Thank you for reading all of that (if you actually did) and now that I got that off my chest, it's time for some stats! You love stats as much as I do right?

    What I've (mostly) been listening to for the past 12 months:

    Top artists for the past 12 months:
    1. The Legendary Pink Dots
    2. Ween
    3. Beck
    4. David Byrne
    5. UB40
    6. Talking Heads
    7. Spiritualized
    8. 新居昭乃 (Akino Arai)
    9. 大谷幸 (Kow Otani)
    10. Herbie Hancock

    Top tracks for the past 12 months:
    1. The ByrdsYou Ain't Going Nowhere
    2. Bob DylanKnockin' on Heaven's Door
    3. Brian Eno & David ByrneEverything That Happens
    4. Chelsea WolfeWe Hit a Wall
    5. RideDreams Burn Down
    6. RideDecay
    7. The Stone RosesMade of Stone
    8. I Break HorsesDenial
    9. The Stone RosesI Wanna Be Adored
    10. Talking HeadsWarning Sign

    garynotrashcoug's top albums (year) 1. Joy Division - Heart and Soul (235)
    2. Killing Joke - Singles Collection 1979 - 2012 (132)
    3. Ride - Waves (102)
    4. Oingo Boingo - Best O' Boingo (94)
    5. Spacemen 3 - Recurring (90)
    6. Doves - Lost Souls (90)
    7. The Raveonettes - Pretty in Black (90)
    8. Cymande - Cymande (85)
    9. Spiritualized - Pure Phase (84)
    10. Blue Man Group - Audio (84)

    I suppose this type of journal entry is more for my own records, to go back and look at a snapshot from a previous year and see what my listening tastes were like at the time, more than anything else. Thanks for reading and to group leaders still present for letting me spam your journal feed and hey.....at least there's one McKillaboy badge which still works....
  • ANNOUNCEMENT: Patti LaBelle joins the cast of Dancing With The Stars!!!

    24 feb 2015, 13:51 av puremusic4ever

    'Dancing With the Stars' 2015: Season 20 Celebrity Cast Announced
    Feb 24, 2015, 8:18 AM ET
    LAUREN SHER More From Lauren »


    "Dancing With the Stars" fans, wait no more. The season 20 star-studded celebrity cast was revealed today on "Good Morning America" and the competition is shaping up to be one of the fiercest yet.

    Television icon Suzanne Somers, music great Patti LaBelle, football star Michael Sam and Olympian Nastia Liukin are among the stars getting ready to rhumba and samba on the dance floor.

    Nastia Liukin, an Olympic champion gymnast, is paired up with none other than beloved pro dancer Derek Hough, who is back this season in a shocking surprise. Hough, a five-time mirror ball champ and Emmy-winning choreographer, previously announced his "DWTS" departure to perform in the Radio City Spring Spectacular.

    "This all happened literally two days ago," Hough said live on "GMA" from New York where he will practice with Liukin. "I had a little heartbreak not being able to part of the 20th season. I'm so glad we were able to make it happen. Let's make it the best season ever."

    "Shark Tank" mogul Robert Herjavec, “Hunger Games” actress Willow Shields, artist-actress Rumer Willis, “Party Rock Anthem” singer Redfoo and R5 singer-songwriter Riker Lynch will also be vying for the trophy this season.

    Source: http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/dancing-stars-2015-season-20-celebrity-cast-announced/story?id=29166872
  • Albums of the Week (Neeshcast segment for 2015)

    22 feb 2015, 13:37 av neesh

    Each week I pick a different album, either from 1995 or 2005, for myself and listeners of Neeshcast to lend an ear to. It could be a first listen, or it could be the first in quite some time. Some truly groundbreaking albums came out 10 and 20 years ago. It’s nice to push them back into focus, and reflect on their influence.

    The Album of the Week from Wednesday, February 18, 2015 to Wednesday, February 25, 2015 (week 7) is the third dredg album, Catch Without Arms.

    I've put together a handy Spotify playlist including all of our Albums of the Week to date, with the exception of Cage’s Hell’s Winter, which is not in Spotify’s library.

    I encourage you to lend an ear to the Albums of the Week and share your thoughts! A new album is announced every Wednesday night during the Neeshcast between 7-11pm Central on Radio Xenu.