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Skapad den: 12 sep 2011
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  • Aquacrvnk

    or tin man. he runs acid test right?

    3 timmar sedan Svara
  • Aquacrvnk

    ron pies.

    3 timmar sedan Svara
  • rapka

    I've got a bunch of acid techno banger i've produced just sitting around. who should i send them to?

    5 timmar sedan Svara
  • Ncookie

    trance and eurotrance etc i love em

    5 timmar sedan Svara
  • Mdjaer

    Techno>breaks>house>trance [2]

    9 timmar sedan Svara
  • NameAlreadyUsed

    Also, that club has a sick lineup tonight

    Igår 22:14 Svara
  • NameAlreadyUsed

    You dont really get that here, people will be dancing even if its some "real" dj playing in like really mainstream EDM clubs, you really dont get that "show up to the club to flex my sick fit" thing

    Igår 22:12 Svara
  • Aquacrvnk

    random warehouse parties here are really hit/miss basically. this is my fav club to go to though, always top underground acts from uk, us, germany. no edm shit.

    Igår 21:43 Svara
  • Aquacrvnk

    its not bad at all if you avoid the EDM shit you can usually find a decent night on the weekends. but for example, one problem is, and i dont want to sound elitist or act like you should only party if you actually like and know about dance music, but some of these people literally just stood there smoking and talking to their friends it was mad fucking annoying.

    Igår 21:42 Svara
  • NameAlreadyUsed

    Whats the dance music scene like in new york actually?

    Igår 21:34 Svara
  • Aquacrvnk

    joy o played a sick set. fucking brooklynites though buncha cheapos cant even give up 4 dollars for a coat check over here boutta explore then north pole or something.

    Igår 21:06 Svara
  • NameAlreadyUsed

    At least half of house music is objectively degenerate, the best parts.of house are better than the best parts of breaks but breaks are more consistently better

    Igår 20:42 Svara
  • bwany

    You put breaks in front of house? The fuck's wrong with you NAU

    Igår 20:18 Svara
  • NameAlreadyUsed

    Alrthough the first > is implyibng about 10^5 arrows

    Igår 19:58 Svara
  • NameAlreadyUsed


    Igår 19:57 Svara
  • Mecoptera

    "untz untz untz untz" NO THAT'S NOT FAST ENOUGH "unzunzunzunzunzunzunzunz" gr8 music

    Igår 19:31 Svara
  • Mecoptera

    lol breaks

    Igår 18:35 Svara
  • Mecoptera

    lol trance

    Igår 18:35 Svara
  • bwany

    trance > techno > breaks > bumstep

    Igår 17:39 Svara
  • bwany

    black rain is like being on 100 drugs and wanting to die

    Igår 17:29 Svara
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