Tip for Zune people desperate to scrobble--

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    • 7 maj 2008, 21:59

    Tip for Zune people desperate to scrobble--

    I haven't had much luck with scrobbling lately and Last.FM seems to have no plans to ever provide Zune support (plus, the software sucks and lacks some vital features).

    I would suggest Zune users listen to music using Songbird ("the Firefox of media browsers") instead. There are add-ons for the software that you can find within the program's features (similar to Firefox) and one of the add-ons is called AudioScrobbler and has basic scrobbling capabilities.

    The alternatives are WMP... (no thanks)... and iTunes, which I find to be a resource hog on my PC. The scrobbling feature is working great for me, so if anyone else was interested in scrobbling again, here's a good solution! It's technically a beta version but it seems to work well enough.

    I think there's a lot of hope for Songbird with the add-ons and Firefox mindset. Hope someone else can find this as helpful as I did.

    The site for Songbird is:

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    • 8 maj 2008, 02:59
    The problem is that it won't consider what we play on the Zune player itself - 75% of my listening.

  • check out www.anythingbutipod.com. Someone overthere made a program called Zenses. It was designed for the Creative Zen, but it works with the Zune as well for scrobbling what you listened to on your device.

    I'm still trying to figure out how to scrobble on the PC side outside of using WMP.

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    • 11 maj 2008, 23:46
    I do use Zenses for the Zune itself. There are lots of options PC side: Winamp, Foobar and, as you noted, WMP. Songbird too.

  • I am getting sick of having to actually use an alternate player just to scrobble tracks, it's a waste of time.

    At this point, recommending a random and rather pointless media player alternative does not detract from the simple fact we still have to use the zune software to do everything else related to the damn thing.

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    • 14 maj 2008, 06:25
    The guy who developed Zuse says he is working on improving it for 2.5. The problem is that Zuse relies on the way the Social tags our tracks, and for me those tags are often incorrect. They rely on the AMG database which is not flawless, and recognizes virtually no classical music, which leaves 50% of my tracks ignored.

    I think that using one program to rip, one program to tag, another program to scrobble and finally, the Zune software to sync is just ridiculous. But that's what I have to do to keep my collection in order.

    • Zenlong sa...
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    • 21 maj 2008, 06:24
    I tried zuse and it didn't work at all. sure i'd be able to scrobble a few tracks, but then then the next few times it would find the exact same tracts. Since then i've switched to zenses and am much happier. and zenses pulls them directly from the player, not your zune profile.

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    • 21 maj 2008, 12:08
    Same here...i've just been able to get my zune social to work,since it wasn't scrobbling songs as of yesterday. zuse finds songs to upload to last.fm but not all of 'em,and, most importantly, once songs are sent to last.fm, they don't show up in the play count and in the "last played". zenses is much more useful with device scrobbling, but since it doesn't work on my vista x64 os, i gotta use it from another pc running xp...such a waste of time!

  • if zuse could pull the playcount directly from the zune software that would be awesome. until then i won't use it, just zenses for my zune device.

  • I, too, tried Zuse or Zenses. I can't recall. Couldn't get it to work effectively. I quite enjoy Windows Media Player and it keeps my library in order, the way I want it. The Last.fm app works with it. However, I do own a Zune and it would be nice to scrobble my tracks from listening to the device itself.

    I don't use the Zune software anymore cuz the AMG database is a shitbag full of garbage data and it's too difficult to make corrections to it. The Zune Team don't seem to consider this their problem, however.

    Any other suggestions to scrobble from the Zune tho would be great. I have reverted to WMP instead of the Zune app, but I do like my Zune device and listen to it a lot. Tracking on the Zune Social is just not enjoyable, nor is their tracking effective as it has to sync the AMG garbage data to Microsoft's own database and if it doesn't, it shows your artists as "made up" artists, not linked to the official artists on the Social. It's stupid.

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    • 4 sep 2008, 23:16
    my listen to show up from my zune. i love it and i know i waill spend 20-50 dollars more for that little i. but i might do it. i dont want to. its like putting down a dog.

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    • 16 sep 2008, 23:58
    Zune 3.0 Update breaks Zenses :(

  • mordecaix7 said:
    Zune 3.0 Update breaks Zenses :(

    Yeah, and it's a shame, too. I just recently went on vacation and came back only to find that the computer I've been running zenses on (It doesn't have the updated Zune software, either =p) refuses to run zenses (the computer restarts everytime I go to run it and I can't figure out what's wrong). So with that I tried to install the zune software and zenses on a different computer, come to find out that the new software update disables zenses; the zune player itself accounting for 95% of my plays, too. What a pain in the ass.

  • thanks for the advice, i'm trying it!

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  • Zenses still works as long as you do not have the Zune software running. I couldn't get Zenses to start at all, but I left my Zune connected to my computer and shut down the Zune software. Then Zenses seemed to work. It is scanning my player right now, so let's see if it pulls the songs in a few minutes. I will post an update.

  • It worked, but with one problem!

    It tries to add EVERY song you have played ever on your Zune. It tried to add several thousand plays to my account. You need to remove a bunch of them first. I am hoping that now it will work normally again. I will play some stuff on my Zune later and reZense it to see what happens.

  • I use zuse and zenses and they both do the job just fine.

  • Your AMAZING! :D :) Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so much!

    uncle_boogaloo said:
    check out www.anythingbutipod.com. Someone overthere made a program called Zenses. It was designed for the Creative Zen, but it works with the Zune as well for scrobbling what you listened to on your device.

    I'm still trying to figure out how to scrobble on the PC side outside of using WMP.

  • ToXiC_MaGGoT said:
    but since it doesn't work on my vista x64 os

    Works just fine on my vista x64. And when I upgrade to 7 it continued to work

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    • 17 apr 2010, 22:22
    Zenlong how did you get Zenses to work? Please message me, because I can't get it to work at ALL.

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    • 26 mar 2011, 12:02


    have you tried ZUSE ? http://zusefm.org/

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    • 4 apr 2011, 21:35
    I'm trying this songbird thing...

    • mrbranch sa...
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    • 10 jun 2011, 16:57
    I would consider buying a Zune if there's anyway to scrobble. So far I have not seen any confirmed way to scrobble. For those available apps, some says it works, some says it don't. will bookmark this thread bec I am desperate to have a new HDD based DAP (which can scrobble of course) except iPod.

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