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A group devoted to that unique music style called Zeuhl, originated by drummer/singer Christian Vander, and to its principal band, Magma.

means celestial in Kobaïan, the constructed language created by Christian Vander. Originally solely applied to the music of Vander’s band Magma, the term zeuhl was eventually used to describe the similar music produced by French bands, beginning in the mid-1970s. Although primarily a French phenomenon, zeuhl has influenced recent avant-garde Japanese bands.

Originally inspired by John Coltrane, Zeuhl typically blends progressive rock, jazzrock, the music of Carl Orff and vocal elements of African-American spirituals to often long trance-like compositions. Common aspects include dissonance, marching themes, throbbing bass, keyboards including piano, Rhodes piano, or organ, and brass instruments.

This group is founded by malborn.

Our avatar is Magma's logo.

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