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For all lovers of weird voices!

Some people just want to listen to technically perfect but rather boring and generic American Idol-type vocalists. This is not a group for those people.

This group is all about celebrating any singer who falls outside the norm and isn't afraid to sound a little, well, weird. Despite what choir teachers and torch singer purists might say, weird voices definitely have their own distinct appeal, and some of the best musicians in all of rock have had rather idiosyncratic voices. Where would Bob Dylan be without his inimitable, half-spoken nasal whine?

So if your favorite singers have a bit of a warble, bleat, groan, growl, wail, rasp, whine, cackle, wheeze, falter, yelp, sneer or other such oddity in their voices, come on in, and feel free to share and recommend your weird-voiced music!

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