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Skapad den: 7 dec 2007
For all Outsiders and Anti-Scenesters with a genuine love for the bizarre and appreciate the strive for self-expression; whether it is sheer talented lunatic brilliance, or shockingly horrific.

This group is dedicated to those unheralded, brilliant musical pioneers of the genuinely off-kilter. Often brilliant, bizarre, demented, awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping savants and geniuses who march to the beat of their own kazoos, ukeleles and theremins.

Thrift store vinyl finds, Kitsch, Camp, Space Age Retro, Dark Cabaret, Disco-Crooning Septuagenarians, Psycho-Lounge, Schlager, Surf, Yé-Yé Girls, Punk Rock Polkas, Novelty, Raving Mad Psychobilly, Rambling Monologues, Accordian Playing Fundamentalist Christians . . . the deliciously warped, the brilliantly misunderstood, the intentionally (and unintentionally) peculiar.

To all those pioneering trailblazers of nutterdom, the fantastic and the astonishingly awful - we truly love you. Others may not always appreciate what you do . . . but we say they are most sincerely WRONG!

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