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The Verve were a British rock and roll band of the 1990s, originally formed in Wigan, England in 1989 by vocalist Richard Ashcroft, guitarist Nick McCabe, bassist Simon Jones and drummer Peter Salisbury. They have often times been classified as 90's alternative rock, however influences, for those in the know, lie mostly in the styles of shoegazer (My Bloody Valentine,Spaceman 3) as well as dance hall music from the Madchester scene (The Stone Roses seem to be a big influence in terms of tones and grooves).

Although they enjoyed their greatest success while the Britpop movement was at its height, their rise to success did not happen overnight - the band released LPs that were critically acclaimed and highly regarded, yet worldwide commercial success eluded them for most of their career.

Despite having to endure major breakups, health problems, drug abuse, and various lawsuits, the Verve released four successful albums and cemented a reputation as one of the most innovative and influential British alternative rock acts of the last decade. At the height of their fame in 1997, the Verve were considered one of the finest bands from the UK and were one of the most popular groups worldwide before they abruptly called it quits in 1998.

In terms of influence and in the way they achieved fame, they are often compared to fellow alternative rockers Radiohead, but unlike them they suffered lack of commercial success and unfortunate struggles between the chief artists Nick McCabe and Richard Ashcroft, which caused their final demise, interestingly at the same very end of the Britpop movement.

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