• gunleik sa...
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    • 27 jan 2010, 08:41


    The title says it all.

    Here you can discuss the new album, and/or post your own reviews or a link to a review.

    for those who like metal-You can't kill the metal!
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    • escapez sa...
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    • 27 jan 2010, 09:33
    My first thought while listening to "After" was:
    "Ihsahn is getting more and more progressive" which I like :)

  • Best album.

  • Damn good.
    Getting it legally in two days. Couldn't resist not dl'ing it earlier, and can't say I regret that ;). Not sure I like it more than Adversary (though I am pretty certain it's far better than angl, in my opinion), but it has a few outstanding tracks, Undercurrent, Austere and On The Shores among them. I like how heavy it is, and how progressive it feels at the same time. What I miss in it is the kind of tunes that angl lacked as well, featured on Adversary, like Astera ton Proinon, Panem et Circenses, and Called by the Fire.

  • One of the best albums of this year for me.

  • After

    I think this is his best solo album so far. Each track is a masterpiece, which is defintely a rarity in modern heavy music. I got it on sunday, and so far i have listened to it 13 times all the way through!

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