Which is your favourite language using Cyrillic letters ?

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    • 19 jan 2008, 09:55

    Which is your favourite language using Cyrillic letters ?

    Well, I think Russian is quite beautiful language although I'm keen on my mother tongue - Bulgarian, too.
    Haha, Mongolian has a beautiful write system, too :D

    Ммм, мисля, че руският е доста красив език, въпреки че съм запален и по родния си език - българския. Хаха, монголският също си има красива система на писане. :D

    • sorelka sa...
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    • 7 feb 2008, 14:34
    Russian is my second (now it's becoming the first) mother tongue, and I got used to it.... And I regret the nationalistic movement in my native Romania that transfered our former Cyrillic alphabet to the Latin variant.... However we still have curious leters like ă,î,â,ţ,ş. Unfortunately, they are not as beautiful as the Cyrillic. I also love the Serbian Cyrillic alphabet... But we all should thank the Bulgarian for these best in the world letters! Thank you(: You're the best!;)

    "Without music life would have been a mistake"
    • hanmor sa...
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    • 8 feb 2008, 23:16

    • Javero sa...
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    • 7 mar 2008, 14:13
    Български език ;-)

    Although I can't speak Bulgarian very well because I've just stated to learn it, it's so красив ;-)

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    • 9 mar 2008, 10:37
    Javero, yey! That sounds great. You can ask everything about Bulgarian here. We'll gladly help you with the difficulty of Bulgarian.

    • Javero sa...
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    • 9 mar 2008, 21:24
    Thanks a lot, I'll surely use your help someday ;-).

    • Barsa021 sa...
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    • 28 mar 2008, 17:55
    I using Serbian Cyrillic of course and i don't have any specific favorite Cyrillic letters they are all great :)

    Поздрав из Србије ;)

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    • 30 maj 2008, 16:29
    I think my native russian language is the most beautiful! Bulgarian takes the second place (in my opinion),because I started to learn this language,although I'm too lazy:)

    Я считаю свой родной русский язык самым красивым:)) На втором месте - болгарский. (это только мое мнение). Это единственный славянский язык,который я все-таки начала учить,несмотря на свою лень:)

    • Javero sa...
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    • 31 maj 2008, 20:12
    I've never even started to learn Russian even though I really wanted to. I lived in small town where was no private Russian course. Now I'm studying Bulgarian and soon I'll start Serbian. And from that moment it will be like being able to speak also Croatian, Macedonian and Bosnian ;-P. Maybe someday I'll start Russian, but now I doubt if I want to learn more Slavic languages ;-) Maybe Swedish or Finish... I don't know, too many ideas and not enough time for everything.

    • kyrios69 sa...
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    • 19 okt 2008, 05:59
    I love Ukrainian language ^_^ It's awesome. Although I can say that I love Polish too ^_^ Cause in XIX century Russian tzar was trying to introduce cyrillic letters in Polish language. It's some example, a poem "Powrót taty" by Adam Mickiewicz (A. Mickievicius or Адам Міцкевіч, who cares...)

    Just take a look:

    Поврóтъ Таты
    пр̌езъ А. Мицкевича

    Пóйдзьце о дзятки, пóйдзьце вшистке разэм
    За място, подъ слупъ на взгóрэкъ,
    Тамъ пр'едъ цудовнымъ клęкнийце образэмъ,
    Побожне змóвце пацёрэкъ.

    Тато не враца ранки и вечоры
    Вэ Лзах го чекамъ и трводзэ;
    Розлялы р'еки, пэлнэ звер'а боры,
    И пэлно збóйцóвъ на дродзэ;-

    Слышąцъ то дзятки бегнą вшистке разэмъ
    За място подъ слупъ на взгóрэкъ,
    Тамъ пр'едъ цудовнымъ клęкая' образемъ,
    И зачиная' пацёрэкъ.

    Цалуя' земę, потэмъ въ Имę Ойца,
    Сына и Духа свęтэго,
    Бąдзь похвалёна пр'енайсьвęтша Трóйца
    Тэразъ и часу вшелькего.


    It's from Polish wikipedia in article "Cyrylica".

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    • 17 aug 2009, 08:08
    The most beautiful languages which use cyrylica for me are Russian and Serbian but the most pretty cyrillic alphabets have Belorussian, Sakha (Yakutian) and Kazakh languages because ot these uber letters like ў, ғ, қ, ө, ҕ, ҥ.

    Although Lithuanian language use Latin alphabet but in Russian empire times it has official cyrillic version. In Soviet times also all street, city, village, river signs was double - latin and cyrillic.

    • nazo9 sa...
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    • 10 sep 2009, 15:25
    ukrainian and serbian ^^

  • Русский

  • Звичайно ж, українська мова!!!

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    • 15 okt 2009, 03:56
    Srpski & Makedonski :)

    • Dobuu sa...
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    • 9 nov 2009, 17:17
    русский. ага

    • Polly91 sa...
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    • 14 dec 2009, 18:53
    Bulgarian - birth lang and Russian - one of my fav languages

  • I love Russian, it's such a beautiful language! :)

    • dbboim sa...
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    • 29 mar 2010, 14:37
    Српско-хрватски језик је најљепши! Serbo-Croatian language is the most beautiful! Ђђ+Ћћ+Џџ+Љљ+Њњ+Јј <3 my mother tongue <3

    Azerbaijani is also pretty nice: Әә+Ҹҹ+Ҝҝ+Ғғ+Һһ+Өө+Үү+Јј

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  • Russian, Ukrainian, and Bulgarian. Slavic languages are beautiful in general, but those three are the ones I like listening to the most. I "speak" Russian, but my skills are pretty basic.

    • Shaman99 sa...
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    • 16 jul 2010, 14:21
    Русский, украинский и сербский.. про остальные я знаю мало ((

    • [Raderad användare] sa...
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    • 23 jul 2010, 16:29
    Русский. (=


    Обожнюю українську мову та українську кирилку. У нас є гарна літера Ї :) Хоча латинка мені теж подобається :-[
    I like Ukrainian language and Ukrainian Cyrillic alphabet, we've got a nice letter ї [yee] ;) But I also like Latin alphabet :)

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