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Skapad den: 1 mar 2009
Because accuracy matters! Scrobble songs played the car, the radio, on vinyl, or anywhere

Because accuracy matters! Scrobble songs played the car, the radio, on vinyl, or anywhere.


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  • BlackSession323

    I know it's an issue with last.fm but anyway to manually get Sigur Rós' "Ný batterí" go not scrobble as "NÝ batterí"?

    igår kväll Svara
  • Sammy0123

    Not really nice to plan the decommission of the old version... I prefer the completely free old one than a fancy paying one. I have been a user of the universal scribbler for years, first time ever I am disappointed

    Igår 15:56 Svara
  • YesterdaysRain

    This old version will hang around a little while longer before it's decommissioned. Not nice... really...

    24 apr 19:33 Svara
  • OnDistantShores

    @aaronluis26: Sorry, I should have updated the message about 3 minute gaps - it's updated to be more accurate now. A duration setting does override the 3 minute assumption. Same with database scrobbling. Currently a start time for bulk scrobbling isn't supported, but I'll add it to the list.

    23 apr 21:32 Svara
  • OnDistantShores

    Update: added Last.fm as another database option today. Last.fm gives a much more concise list of albums for each artist, so hopefully it’s a better option for those who want to search for albums for popular artists but don’t want to have to sift through the hundreds of results that Discogs & MusicBrainz seem to return. It also returns the most popular albums for an artist at the top, so it’s an easy first starting point when searching. Of course, this comes at the expense of data accuracy and breadth. If you are looking at less popular artists, or looking for an obscure release, or you need to get the exact version of an album right, then you’ll probably still want to use Discogs or MusicBrainz. But now you have the option that suits you best :-) Enjoy! Any feedback/problems, let me know.

    23 apr 21:24 Svara
  • onno

    Like the new scrobbler! Too bad last.fm won't let you scrobble older tracks with a datestamp older than 2 weeks. I would really like to clean up the backlog ;-)

    23 apr 13:54 Svara
  • c210344

    Hello, just want to say this is a great tool, for which I gladly paid. Deezer for Android (which is my main listening tool) has stopped scrobbling (again) http://www.last.fm/forum/21713/_/2245352/1 so this has saved my scrobbling-ass. Also good for scrobbling from the Soundcloud app on my phone, which I've never been able to do!

    21 apr 14:31 Svara
  • aaronluis26

    I have a few questions regarding scrobbling in bulk. If I have a value for duration, will it override the 3 minute apart rule? Also, is there any way to specify a start time (or end time) for bulk scrobbling? Lastly, if I scrobble in bulk using Discogs or Musicbrainz, do you use their durations to decide timestamps for tracks after the first one or are they being scrobbled 3 minutes apart?

    20 apr 15:09 Svara
  • OnDistantShores

    For those like @Cassandra-Leo experiencing issues with curly quotes on MusicBrainz, this should be fixed now.

    14 apr 21:40 Svara
  • OnDistantShores

    Thanks @WiseJake237. Have found the issue now & fixed it. Let me know if any further problems!

    13 apr 12:17 Svara
  • WiseJake237

    @OnDistantShores: Pink Floyd - "The Wall", Bob Dylan - "Blonde on Blonde", Grateful Dead - "Dick's Picks, Volume 12", Led Zeppelin - "Physical Graffiti", Bruce Springsteen - "The River", The Clash - "Sandanista!", etc. etc. Plus, anything with a bonus disc or anything like that. Basically, any album which has more than one disc (CD or vinyl), only displays CD 1 or Sides A and B.

    10 apr 15:25 Svara
  • OnDistantShores

    @satchalicious: Not sure what you mean. If you click on the "right" Prince entry on the MusicBrainz search, you get all of his albums almost instantly. As for why there's multiple "Prince" artists in the list...well, as I mentioned earlier, you can thank MusicBrainz for that. The new search can be slower because it's more complete - the previous US didn't show all the results. It shouldn't be returning no results though - please let me know which (valid) artists that's happening for. @WiseJake237 & @acey_nl: Can you give some examples of multi-disk albums? I don't know of many myself. @spineshank155: Yes, again, this is a very annoying fact about the databases that the US relies on. Would be very happy to hear any suggestions about how exactly to solve this? @Orphax: Cog scrobbler relies on installing on your local machine and Vinyl Scrobbler I think is only for vinyl, which is extremely limiting (and doesn't work at all for me at the moment). The US has many more options and features.

    9 apr 21:40 Svara
  • Orphax

    I stand corrected...Discogs now available here as well.

    9 apr 12:50 Svara
  • Orphax

    I still don't get why you would pay for this while Vinyl Scrobbler and Cog Scrobbler are both free to use and they can use discogs as input (which is much more complete). Only option I still use from this is manual scrobbling, the rest...nope.

    9 apr 12:49 Svara
  • mot00rzysta

    yeah, I prefer the classic version as well

    8 apr 17:50 Svara
  • acey_nl

    and having the same issue as WiseJake237 only able to the first disk of a multidisk album

    1 apr 08:17 Svara
  • acey_nl

    @OnDistantShores. Prevous problem was indeed related to my browser (and bad connection at the time) But I agree with blckclbrtn on the MusicBrainz v.s. Discogs isn't it posible to make the 'default' an account setting?

    1 apr 08:13 Svara
  • spineshank155

    @OnDistantShores, duplicate albums. Musicbrainz often times will have multiple versions of the same album but being able to merge (list it as one when multiples pop up) some of those so you don't have 10 of 1 album and that way it would be easier to locate the tracks you want to scrobble. I don't know if that is do-able though. The old version of universal scrobbler does the same thing.

    29 mar 01:03 Svara
  • WiseJake237

    Just so you're aware... Albums with more than one disc currently display only the first disc on the database search (for both Discogs and Musicbrainz). It wasn't doing that when the new site was first launched, but it's been that way now for about a week - at least for me. I don't know if anyone else has been having that problem.

    27 mar 20:54 Svara
  • tape

    The "classic" theme appears to be a nice addition. Much appreciated.

    27 mar 12:57 Svara
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