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Skapad den: 1 mar 2009
For fans of the Universal Scrobbling tool - http://universalscrobbler.invitationstation.org.

For fans of the Universal Scrobbler - http://universalscrobbler.invitationstation.org created by OnDistantShores. Please give all feedback/discussion/ideas/bug reports here. Updates to the tool will also be noted here.

Some help required::
- I am well aware that the tool itself looks rubbish. Anybody with any design nouse wanna give me some help sprucing it up a bit (and making it cross-browser beautiful)?
- I'm always looking for a hand with development, theres HEAPS of ideas I have for this tool but just not the abundant time to do it all. Please lemme know if you'd be willing to help out.

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  • mc-lunar

    I'd probably pay up to $5 for an app personally, but it would be much easier to implement responsive design. In any case, I'm a web dev and I'd be happy to help spruce it up for free! Is there a github repository somewhere?

    Igår 03:50 Svara
  • arcania

    For such a simple tools a responsive website would be definitely enough! An app would take much more time, to develop and to maintain...

    22 jan 02:27 Svara
  • OnDistantShores

    That's exactly what I'm planning to do wutweeaboo :-) I've mentioned that a few times but people still seem to always assume "mobile" = "app". A responsive website is better anyway - will mean it will work on all devices with all OSes.

    20 jan 23:40 Svara
  • wutweeaboo

    You don't need to develop a full-blown app, just optimize the site to work well on a mobile browser. I would donate if you could just accomplish that.

    18 jan 03:40 Svara
  • SethXXX

    I would pay a small one-time amount for an app, too.

    17 jan 16:24 Svara
  • adchelle

    I would definitely be happy to pay for a mobile app, but I use a Windows Phone, so would hope to see an app on that platform.

    17 jan 16:10 Svara
  • ringostarr09

    I'd totally pay for an iOS app. Unfortunately I only have iOS 6 and a windows phone so I don't know if you could get it on either of those.

    17 jan 02:29 Svara
  • Sams-GFX

    I'd without a doubt pay for an Android app, your website has helped so much over the years that I've been on Last.fm!

    15 jan 22:48 Svara
  • satchalicious

    YES for making a mobile app... I'd pay for it for sure!

    15 jan 21:45 Svara
  • vangelicmonk

    I'd pay a onetime fee if the mobile version is essentially the same as this or even scobbled the songs listened to on the mobile device. I really, really, really appreciate the online version. I need to donate to you.

    15 jan 19:57 Svara
  • shades79

    I'd pony up for a Windows Phone app

    15 jan 09:26 Svara
  • AlisonRoss

    I would pay a fee for a mobile version, iPhone especially. thanks

    15 jan 07:52 Svara
  • CriticJonni

    A mobile version/app would be extremely helpful, I would be willing to pay a one-off fee, or even a yearly fee, on the condition that we see updates happening, such as design or bugs etc... As long as info on updates are given :)

    14 jan 23:41 Svara
  • clockworkplanet

    I'd happily pay a one off fee for the mobile version. Thanks for this.

    14 jan 09:00 Svara
  • gopack91

    I would pay $1.99 for an Android version

    13 jan 19:53 Svara
  • kingbrockie

    I'm not sure about the mobile app unless it's very easy for me to input the data for manual scrobbles. If it was then I would pay but only a one-off fee of up to £3. What I would love (is what someone else has already mentioned) - the ability to somehow store/link to personal playlists/mix tapes to make scrobbling these easier. Mix CD's that I play in the car would be an example of this. Keep up the great work!

    13 jan 18:48 Svara
  • phoenixofficial

    A mobile version could be useful. I would play a small one-off fee, but I wouldn't pay on a subscription basis.

    13 jan 16:00 Svara
  • MIKE4444R

    Make a Windows mobile version and I'll pay up to $2.99 for it.

    13 jan 15:33 Svara
  • Gundozer

    No thanks to mobile version. Too much info and words to be spelling and all on a mobile phone, will never start doing this. Not so much the paying part I'm "against" more the usability. I have already paid a small donation some time ago for the use of Web-page /browser version. Working fine, even if it looks very ....simple.

    13 jan 12:29 Svara
  • shobhnaguerin

    Yes to the mobile version! (Android here.) I'd definitely pay, though one-time would be preferable.

    13 jan 09:52 Svara
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