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Skapad den: 1 mar 2009
Because accuracy matters! Scrobble songs played the car, the radio, on vinyl, or anywhere

Because accuracy matters! Scrobble songs played the car, the radio, on vinyl, or anywhere.


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  • spineshank155

    @OnDistantShores, duplicate albums. Musicbrainz often times will have multiple versions of the same album but being able to merge (list it as one when multiples pop up) some of those so you don't have 10 of 1 album and that way it would be easier to locate the tracks you want to scrobble. I don't know if that is do-able though. The old version of universal scrobbler does the same thing.

    29 mar 01:03 Svara
  • WiseJake237

    Just so you're aware... Albums with more than one disc currently display only the first disc on the database search (for both Discogs and Musicbrainz). It wasn't doing that when the new site was first launched, but it's been that way now for about a week - at least for me. I don't know if anyone else has been having that problem.

    27 mar 20:54 Svara
  • tape

    The "classic" theme appears to be a nice addition. Much appreciated.

    27 mar 12:57 Svara
  • satchalicious

    I find the original version to work better and is easier to use. For instance, go in there, search Prince and there it is in a nice list that I can drill into and see many albums on one page quickly. So get in there and get it done quick is why it's better. Plus, searches always give me results. The new version takes twice as long to find what I'm looking for and half the time the search comes up with no results. For instance musicbrains via new site gave me no results for Prince. Huh?! What a waste!?

    27 mar 11:20 Svara
  • OnDistantShores

    Also, @blckclbrtn, I'm surprised to hear you say MusicBrainz is faster. I thought Discogs was much faster for artist/album art loading, that's why I made it the default! Most people seem to prefer Discogs so far. @spineshank155, not sure what you mean? What do you want to merge? If you're talking about the database search results, remember I'm not touching the data, just showing what the database is giving me.

    25 mar 21:22 Svara
  • OnDistantShores

    Another significant update today - the "classic Universal Scrobbler" theme is now available! Go to the "Settings & about" page to see a toggle to enable the new theme. The new style provides a simpler black/white/grey theme more akin to the old Universal Scrobbler, trims right back on image loading (especially for database searching) and displays database search results in a simple list form instead of the prettier grid form. Hopefully this will help all those who aren't big fans of the new style, but want to still use all the dramatically improved functionality of the new Universal Scrobbler. Enjoy! Let me know any feedback.

    25 mar 21:19 Svara
  • blckclbrtn

    Suggestion: due to the relative difference in speed and clarity (if not completeness) of the MusicBrainz database vs. Discogs, I would recommend making MusicBrainz the default selection in the dropdown. It's probably just in alphabetical order at the moment, but people (myself included) tend to use whatever is prepopulated.

    24 mar 17:45 Svara
  • blckclbrtn

    WELL DONE! Been waiting for the search by release option for YEARS.

    24 mar 17:41 Svara
  • spineshank155

    I think for multiple albums, there should be an option to merge those albums so it's easier to find the track you want to scrobble.

    24 mar 14:24 Svara
  • JoeMarshtista

    Also, +1 for Rateyourmusic database

    21 mar 15:59 Svara
  • JoeMarshtista

    "Also, FYI for all - I'm looking to add a "classic" style option to the new US" That would be great! Thanks for your efforts

    21 mar 15:58 Svara
  • OnDistantShores

    Another major update today. You can now search for releases on the "Scrobble from database" page, fixing a long standing issue with difficulty finding compilation albums. As part of this I've fixed lots of issues with correct artist tags on "various" releases, collaborations, etc. Hope you all find it useful! Unfortunately this just makes the issue with relying on these databases for data accuracy even more apparent. It can be a bit painful to trawl through big lists of identical-looking albums. I'm not really sure what the solution to this is, but would welcome your feedback. @COandCA4life, your suggestion about track list count will help - I'll add this to the backlog - but still won't solve the issue for most albums. Also, the "classic" style might help with your issues of long album lists.

    18 mar 14:09 Svara
  • COandCA4life

    i really appreciate all the work you've put into this, but i'm finding the new features are actually less useful than the simpler lists. i agree with what user tape said below, that the images are too big and take forever to load (especially for artists with dozens of albums, such as Rush). with discogs, most albums i try to scrobble have totally un-usable tracklists with extra characters/letters/labels/tracks all over the place. musicbrainz is good, but a suggestion i have would be to denote how many tracks are on each version of the same album (so i don't have to click/load each one until i find the right version). for example, if i'm looking for the version of a 10-track album with 1 bonus track, i could just click the one that says it has 11 tracks. that would be super helpful! i donated to become a premium member because i believe in and appreciate what you're doing, and i trust that this will all continue to improve as you receive feedback and adjust accordingly. thanks again.

    17 mar 21:01 Svara
  • OnDistantShores

    Also, FYI for all - I'm looking to add a "classic" style option to the new US, so that people who prefer the old style can have a simpler colour scheme, less images, and more concise list formatting. Stay tuned.

    15 mar 11:39 Svara
  • OnDistantShores

    @tsotsa-tsola: not sure why that would have changed, I haven't touched the old US in quite a while. This should be fixed on the new US though. @Metalvelodrome: in terms of adding new databases, Rateyourmusic probably isn't as high on the list as the Last.fm library, but I can add it to the backlog. Why do you want it, exactly? How is it different/better than Discogs/MusicBrainz?

    15 mar 11:38 Svara
  • tsotsa-tsola

    I'm not able to scrobble "Spın̈al Tap" using the old Universal Scrobbler right now. I know it has worked before because I have it in my library, but right now the "ı" is being changed to an "i" at some point in the process.

    13 mar 00:44 Svara
  • Metalvelodrome

    please add Rateyourmusic as a database to scrobble from, that would be tremendously useful!

    9 mar 00:48 Svara
  • tape

    I really don't like the new layout. The cover images take forever to load, and frankly are unnecessary. Album lists are now huge with the giant box for each. I get that you want it to look "nicer", but honestly the simple text listing of the old version was far more useful than the trendy look of the new one.

    8 mar 22:48 Svara
  • OnDistantShores

    @eamezey2 - I didn't even realise I had broken the hit-enter-to-scrobble feature! Thanks for alerting me, it's fixed now. @drcarney - you're right, that's quite an easy solution, so I've done that now. It will ignore track numbers if they're not in the right format. Cheers!

    8 mar 22:47 Svara
  • eamezey2

    If the ability to press 'Enter' when manually scrobbling could return, that would be bloody ace :) Keep up the good work, US has always been amazing, and the updates have been awesome.

    8 mar 18:49 Svara
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