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Skapad den: 1 mar 2009
Because accuracy matters! Scrobble songs played the car, the radio, on vinyl, or anywhere

Because accuracy matters! Scrobble songs played the car, the radio, on vinyl, or anywhere.


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  • enxe3

    20 free scrobbles per day are too few... You listen to one album in CD and a few other songs on Youtube and you have to wait one full day to scrobble again... I guess 50 free scrobbles per day would be perfect. I would appreciate it a lot

    2 timmar sedan Svara
  • OnDistantShores

    CriticJonni, I did see your comment, sorry for not responding directly. I thought I knew what you meant, but now I'm not so sure. Why aren't your songs on the previously scrobbled list? That should show everything that you have scrobbled using the (new) Universal Scrobbler. The only limitation I can see is that it only shows the first 50 tracks - are you saying the issue is that you can't see back far enough? The solution for that would simply be to load more, or to show a "Load next 50" button or something.

    Igår 08:55 Svara
  • morslucis

    Just discovered that Bands with "&" are now scrobbled with their full name (us.com + Musicbrainz). And the custom timestamp is there and works perfectly. Great!

    Igår 20:31 Svara
  • JamesHippieKid

    greatly prefer the old site. don't fix what isn't broken! [2]

    Igår 18:29 Svara
  • CriticJonni

    @OnDistantShores, hey did you see my previous comment? About possibly adding the most scrobbled tracks, as I'm always scrobbling tracks I've scrobbled before, but because I listen to a lot of music outside of my home, the ones I want to repeat can't be found under my previous scrobbles... If it's not possible, fair enough, but it would make it easier for me :)

    Igår 17:36 Svara
  • Nepthys

    @OnDistantShores I still use the old version, because I find the MusicBrainz search results and track lists easier to navigate than those in the new version (I don't scrobble from mobile devices). No images makes it easier to get a full overview when there are many search results and the old version also has the possibility to expand and view the track lists of different releases on the same page (handy when looking for a particular version) instead of having to open a new page for each. So yes, I think an alternative theme with no images would already be a big improvement. Thanks.

    Igår 13:28 Svara
  • countryrocks91

    Thank you OnDistantShores! Makes perfect sense now.

    3 mar 05:34 Svara
  • OnDistantShores

    All, I've just updated the new Universal Scrobbler again, to address some of the requests I've been getting. You can now specify album artist and track duration via manual scrobble and bulk manual scrobble. Enjoy! Let me know if any issues.

    3 mar 02:04 Svara
  • OnDistantShores

    acey_nl, not sure what's going on there. I've just tried doing exactly that and it worked fine. Does your browser give you any Javascript errors when this happens? What browser & device are you on? Will certainly fix when I can reproduce the issue.

    3 mar 02:02 Svara
  • acey_nl

    @OnDistantShores I've purchased a premium (once off) to be able to use the 'scrobble with options' when using musicbrainz. However this doesn't seem to work. When pressing the scrobble button (after selcting the artist and album and scroble date&time (2015-02-28 10:44)) it just doesn't do anything. Please fix this ASAP.

    2 mar 09:53 Svara
  • OnDistantShores

    countryrocks91, the service you get for both payment options is the same ("premium"). Once off is like paying for an app - pay at one point and you get the service for good. The monthly payment allows you to pay just a month at a time, so that you can try it out before paying the full price, or just use it for a single month if you like, or to spread out the cost over time. Just a bit more flexibility for those who want it. Hope that explains it.

    1 mar 02:09 Svara
  • OnDistantShores

    For those who don't like the look of the new Universal Scrobbler, is this due to performance? It does take slightly longer to load than the old site, due to images & fancy animations. But is this something that actually makes it harder to use? For me (and for most I would have thought) the difference is very minor - maybe half a second. If this is the problem, I appreciate the concern and will look at adding an alternative theme which takes out all the images and any other unnecessary overheads. The MusicBrainz album loading is especially slow (for annoying technical reasons I won't bore you with), but you don't need to wait for them to load to use the feature anyway. Or otherwise, is the dislike more due to a personal preference for simple, black & white pages without images and panels etc etc?

    1 mar 02:06 Svara
  • countryrocks91

    Dumb question, but what does the "once off" payment option mean? And what is the advantage of doing that vs paying the 0.99 cents a month?

    28 feb 20:19 Svara
  • Dogger_Dog

    v On the look, I feel the exact opposite. New one is over-engineered. See my comment on your personal page.

    27 feb 15:35 Svara
  • OnDistantShores

    Old version is working fine for me and is not being intentionally taken down just yet. A few have said the new one sucks - would love to know more about why, or is it just the restrictions? The old one certainly was broken in many ways - unable to use easily on many devices and browsers, issues with special characters, insecure way of authenticating with Last.fm, and was very difficult to maintain & improve - there's many reasons it needed to be improved. Plus it looked horrible!

    27 feb 14:21 Svara
  • morslucis

    @DoggerDog: For me it works fine (the old version). Hope it never goes offline. I also don't like the new one much except the bulk scrobble function (is it in any way possible to self define the time between two songs are scrobbled? In many genres the average track length is sometimes much more than three minutes and with the current timestamp it looks a lot like cheating :D)

    27 feb 13:10 Svara
  • wonder_al

    Would it be possible to scrobble various artists albums (searching by album name)?

    27 feb 01:30 Svara
  • Dogger_Dog

    Okay, old one doesn't work anymore. New one royally sucks. Looking for alternatives...

    26 feb 15:28 Svara
  • CriticJonni

    Any chance you could include "most scrobbled tracks via universal scrobbler"? As I'm forever scrobbling tracks I've scrobbled before but because it's been a while, they're not on the most recent scrobble list... Think this would be really helpful :)

    26 feb 00:06 Svara
  • turnupthenight

    greatly prefer the old site. don't fix what isn't broken!

    25 feb 23:54 Svara
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