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Ledare: OnDistantShores
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Skapad den: 1 mar 2009
For fans of the Universal Scrobbling tool - http://universalscrobbler.invitationstation.org.

For fans of the Universal Scrobbler - http://universalscrobbler.invitationstation.org created by OnDistantShores. Please give all feedback/discussion/ideas/bug reports here. Updates to the tool will also be noted here.

Some help required::
- I am well aware that the tool itself looks rubbish. Anybody with any design nouse wanna give me some help sprucing it up a bit (and making it cross-browser beautiful)?
- I'm always looking for a hand with development, theres HEAPS of ideas I have for this tool but just not the abundant time to do it all. Please lemme know if you'd be willing to help out.

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  • pyjamademon

    Excellent tool, man. Now when I listen to vinyl I get the thrill of obsessively scrobbling everything.

    27 sep 20:53 Svara
  • AleRafa

    BTW, thank you for this tool. I use it all the time.

    21 sep 00:39 Svara
  • AleRafa

    When scrobbling from BBC radios or another user's profile, artists with ampersands in their names are not scrobbled. Scrobbling them manually works though.

    21 sep 00:35 Svara
  • xmeiax666

    dont work after 3000 scrobbles

    26 jul 17:44 Svara
  • el90moro

    When scrobbling "Works, Volume 2" album by "Emerson, Lake & Palmer" via MusicBrainz the artist is set to "Emerson Lake". It doesn't happen if you scrobble songs one by one.

    16 jul 11:18 Svara
  • TheGazettE1124

    Now it's working fine. ^-^

    7 jul 19:01 Svara
  • discodudesj

    Me too. Hopefully it will be back online soon.

    7 jul 07:11 Svara
  • burneverybridge


    7 jul 02:59 Svara
  • krumbledkookie

    It's not you, I'm getting the same message.

    7 jul 02:51 Svara
  • TheGazettE1124

    Anyone else get "Scrobbling failed with message 'Handshake failure - response was ''' when they try to manually scrobble or is it just me? o.O

    7 jul 01:46 Svara
  • jedphelym

    Any way to scrobble around 105,000 tracks from another account?

    19 jun 16:28 Svara
  • Zelda7

    Doesn't work for me right now... it just endlesly indicates "scrobbling..." but not "succes!". Anyone else ?

    7 jun 19:58 Svara
  • Antonimo55

    Glad to see counters are fixed :) [2]

    7 jun 12:58 Svara
  • GoatUser

    Does this work for Foobar? I'm not going to be counting the scrobbles on the site for every single time I listen to something too short for scrobbles.

    22 maj 03:16 Svara
  • blckclbrtn

    Glad to see counters are fixed :)

    20 maj 19:23 Svara
  • Iezuz

    @ Evisceratorium: This might be a bit late, but in case you're reading this: If album artist and track artist are different, you'll scrobble tracks for the track artist, but the album of, say, Various Artists (or artistA / artistB). This is useful for albums with multiple artists (as long as they have a unique title) because album covers are sorted by albumartist/album. Otherwise you'd have to upload an album cover for each artist.

    22 mar 10:14 Svara

    So I take it the app is never happening?

    18 mar 23:09 Svara
  • ewald1603

    Great tool for plain cd listeners !

    25 feb 20:55 Svara
  • spineshank155

    This what i have been seeing " Scrobbling failed with message 'Submission failure - response was 'FAILED Plugin bug: Not all request variables are set - got 1 parameters." It's annoying that when your internet cuts off the last.fm scrobble doesn't submit all the tracks. Sometimes the search doesn't even work.

    21 feb 01:01 Svara
  • YesterdaysRain

    Its really annoying when you are trying to connect to US page and it doesnt work. In many ways, page is just offline... Is anyone here has similar problems to mine?

    14 feb 17:37 Svara
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