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  • I'm a new person!

    12 jan 2014, 02:05 av archangelfilms

    I'm a new person. I once dwindled in stage names and musical projects to occupy myself away from the Lord, Jesus Christ. Tonight is a new beginning for me, because I've been delivered out from Satan's grasp of temptation, for I have submitted myself in the grace of the Lord, Jesus Christ and am willing to serve him with the gift that He has given me, which is music. I have also decided to do away with the personas and the fursonas because they have also had a hold on me ever since I've started them. I am now a new person, and I now know more about God's love, mercy, and grace.

    I am no longer John the Fox, for I am Christian Dickerson, and I know not only does God love me, but he loves everyone as well!

    If you feel offended by what I've said in this post and feel the need to unfriend me, now is a good moment, for I am now focusing more on praising God for everything He has done.

    Thank you for reading,
  • I need to share this with you people.

    10 jan 2014, 00:14 av archangelfilms

    Today, I had an interesting idea. Since I had done some pretty lame and pretty nasty stuff in the past, I'm deleting all my albums amd videos and start off on a clean slate. If you happened to not see any of my music (or yours if you have collaborated with me in the past) I have deleted it and I'm restarting not only my netlabel, but also my youtube channel as well. Sorry, but it's the best decision I've made yet, considering on how much lame stuff I've been uploading since 2009.

    I know some people won't understand by this decision, but I feel a lot of peace in my heart, and I can guarantee you that in the future, I will make better, more structured music (especially songs/tracks praising the Lord, Jesus Christ)(btw, I am a Christian, as in a true believer in Jesus Christ.) Plus, I will make better videos and art for my youtube and deviantart accounts.

    On top of that, I have also decided not to do the two video ideas I had in mind at this very moment, which was make a series of videos showing a lot of artists need recommeding, and a video about my favorite songs/tracks of all time, to which I'm seriously reconsidering what I'm listening to. (No, I'm not turning down the genre, noise, but for several other genres, I probably will stop listening to 'em.)

    Thank you so, so much for reading, and I hope this change will be for the better.

    Christian AKA John the Fox

    P.S.: I'm still willing to collaborate but I have to finish some musical projects first.
  • Music genres I will not make. (also, update.)

    18 nov 2013, 02:24 av archangelfilms


    Here are the genres of music I will not make in my hobby of music-making, (in alphabetical order). For those that may be offended, I will explain if you message me.

    Anything that has the word, "Dark", in it.
    Anything that is gothic.
    Anything that is really, really cheesy and generic.
    Anything that is related to sexuality/sex.
    Anything that worships Satan, paganism, wicca, or any other idol.
    Black Ambient
    Black Drone
    Black Doom Metal
    Black Metal
    Black Noise
    Death Metal/Deathcore
    Dirty South
    Gangsta Rap
    Mainstream/Manufactured anything. (Such as Pop, Rock, Rap, etc.)
    Rave/Cheesy Dance Music
    Shock Rock
    Witch House

    (The update is I'm going to my grandparents and I'm going to try to finish up some musical stuff. Wish me luck!)

    -Christian AKA John the Fox
  • This is important.

    18 okt 2013, 14:35 av archangelfilms

    I will be taking a break from making music as of right now, and will continue in January. All projects I have started will be paused and will continue once I have everything in order, except for one compilation, (Apskaft). I will be making a track for that, and then I'll take my break. In the meantime, I will be focusing on more important objectives, such as getting another job, finding a college/trade school that has the degree I want to study in, and forming a plan on what I need to do in the future. To the many people I have started to collaborate with, I'm very sorry, but I need to focus on these important objectives. Plus, in addition to that, I have a creative block, which shows my inactive portrayal of not making music in the past, what, 2 weeks.

    So, hopefully, you understand. I still will be releasing albums/singles, moreover albums I haven't released yet. In the future, however, until January hits, I will be focused musically on putting full album uploads on my netlabel's youtube, and be releasing other people's work. If anybody wants me to release their stuff, hit me up.

    Christian AKA John the Fox